5th Tier Medic - Watto from Star wars?

The only way I can tell what the 5th tier characters will be like is from the hunting season pass 2 video.
The medic seems to have a wide, mechanical looking waist, and I think it looks a lot like Watto from star wars podracing.

Please tell me what u think

Watto wasn’t mechanical o.O


Dear lord, I hope not…

This would further cement Slim as my pick for the best Medic. :laughing:



That’s what WE know. but is it still the truth? Nobody knows the truth about Watto. O.o

I’ll always believe Watto is a fleshy douchebag- not a robotic douchebag :smiley:


we can only make suggestions about it. Look at his muscles. they are like steel. Robots consist of steel :wink: lmao

Are we talking about Watto here?

if so…

That big abs :wink:

He’s a fattie. >:C

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Never offend Watto! That isn’t fat. That are muscles! He’s a beautiful guy! Lol


Don’t offend him, he’s not fat, he just has a killer 1 pack! He looks like a body builder!

I have my suspicions that it is Bucket II … wait, hear me out here.

First, the Medic silhouette looks very robot like. Second, what is stopping him from just using another chassis? He’s already flying the ship, helping in the Lab, and getting dinner ready according to the dropship discussions, so why not another job? And I seem to recall one of the Devs saying that they were only allowed to make one robot hunter. Well technically this would still be accurate. How about it @mikeylikesit ?

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The only problem would be the selection of Bucket and Bucket in the menu screen.

It is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE, but I’m going to say improbable. I genuinely would be amused by this, but I think the dev team likes the generation of unique characters and having two Buckets would be very entertaining, but unlikely.

Probably my favorite theory so far, honestly. 10/10 for thinking something I hadn’t thought of.

I’m highly amused by this. :smiley:

Only girly men have 6 packs, real men have kegs.

I think that’d make you look fat, they’re kinda round

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