5th tier medic idea!


Assault rifle, with supressor ,personal cloak,and something along the lines of Val’s medgun and of course healing burst.


Sounds too much like a combination between Markov and Lazarus.


What do you think would be a good tier 5 mmedic then?


Who else wants a medic that has deployable medbays? (Minus the strike removal bit)


That’s a good idea!


I want a medic that dual wields three round burst pistols… it would just be sooo cool :stuck_out_tongue: I feel like the most damage a medic does is when he/she is incapped…


You ninja’d me Quirkly :open_mouth:


Why are you guys raping my mind I don’t appreciate it :confused:


They wouldn’t do that maybe duel weild smgs then.


As far as abilities go, give him a short range teleportation device so he can evade the monster, or get in for healing… the burst obviously, and then a short range regen field. He would have to get in closer than the other medics, but everyone in range of him would regen HP


Pistols would be more likely that smgs…


For utility I think it would be cool to have a sort of grenade that can make wildlife friendly (doesn’t attack you or monster) or run away or something.


Ya know if the wraith can make decoys why not a medic or support with the defensive maneuver to make decoys :slight_smile:


The fifth medic will guess something like this:

-“Lazarus” Gun: This gun eliminate the penalties (when a hunter is incappitied) and temporarily increases the maximum of health (+25%). The medic has to be constantly pointing to the fellow to work (It has similar design of the medic-gun of Val and Shield Portable of Hank).

Without the “Lazarus” Gun
<img src="/uploads/default/27326/d8aced5c56b279d0.jpg" width="6<img

With “Lazarus” Gun (Increased the Maximum of the Health and remove the penalties while the medic shoot to the hunter).

-Healing Spikes: The medic is able to put in the battle 5 medium size spikes (are 2,5 times bigger than Markov’s mines) to recover the health of hunters located nearvy. These devices recovered enough health (12% each second) but are easy to destroy, so the doctor must put them in a secluded place and replace them as soon as possible. You can not overlap the effects, thought there are two healing spikes only one is working.


I like the idea of deployable medbays. Could make them more like pedestals though I think. Probably either just one deployable that’s hard to kill or 5 deployable with the health of buckets sentries. Just not sure how the healing bit would work… HOT doesn’t really make sense, unless it’s like 2x the speed of Val’s medgun. Maybe an individual burst with a cooldown could work. In that case I’d say 5 deployable makes the most sense.


And the definitive gun for a medic … is a Splicer


how about something similar to a sniper that when it hits a hunter it slowly heals them for ten seconds and when it hits monster it saps health for a few seconds that makes your health boost HEAL FOR MORE POINTS NOT RECHARGE FASTER (doesnt stack)