5th Slot for Medic

Back when Lennox was first released, there were 5th slots for the other classes as well, and then it got removed at some point. I imagine the same will happen at some point again.

This is a glitch that occurs whenever a new character is added. There’s also a fifth slot for Support and Monster.

I know I’m just saiyan we should do new medic prediction, what do we think it will be like etc etc, gives us something to think about aside from the typical boring annoying complaint threads

Im so tired of these threads, I have consistently been stating that this is just a graphical bug ever since it was known when Lennox was released.

Either way, as I’ve repeated for the third time, I noticed that it was there and that made me want to make a prediction thing about it lol, honestly relax I understand it’s a glitch in any case new medic will be coming out sooner or later so let’s predict what it’s gonna be like. Please ignore the fact that it’s an already been pointed out graphical bug that I’ve never actually noticed people talk about and for the sake of entertainment predict new medic!

You can go here If you like…

This is a graphical bug.

Select Jack or Lennox in solo, then go to another Hunter or the Monster and try to swap the character.

VOILA! There’s a fifth bubble. Congratz, here’s a cookie:

What there’s no cookie? Oh there isn’t. That’s because I ate it.

I deserved that cookie.

P.S Monster is pretty much confirmed to be next so… yeah.

Also, don’t mind me but I’m just going to move this over to bugs now… and simplified the title.

If you wanted to speculate,you should have done it on the appropriate thread.

Jesus, you guys sound like such jerks. If you’d like him to move it over to that thread, then why not ask politely instead of acting like jerks? I mean, seriously. You guys definitely need to work on your delivery


He’s aware.


The title was unnecessarily long.

Unnecessarily long? What does that even mean? There’s no rule against a somewhat long thread name.

Also, I told you that I loved you on a GrizzleMarine video. Tate Jameson on youtube.

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Ah, so that was you :stuck_out_tongue:

Also it’s best to have the title of a topic short and sweet while adding all the details in the actual post. I just helped him get his point across, short and sweet :smile:

No, it was @Donut.


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Are we discussing what we want in a new medic? Besides everyone being oddly rude here.

Please please please do I am hyped to see this stuff out in the open

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Alright. Picture a medic that used high tech gloves that shoot out beams of healing, and the player can then switch the gloves to laser propulsion to deal significant damage. She could also have a teleporting ability, to transport nearby hunters to a certain distance away from danger. Sorry, just coming up with this from the top of my head. :slight_smile:

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Unless a title is clickbait, breaches our rules, or the OP asks you to change it, you have no right to edit it.


Well this I did not know. Thanks for informing me :slight_smile:

Should I change it back?

Waits for someone to say the 5th Monster is a Basilisk Soldier