5th Monster's Official Name: Gorgon (Confirmed)

Just in case you guys didn’t know.

Edit by @Plaff : There are no confirmed dates about the Monster’s release. All that has been said is that it will be released near the “scariest time of the year.”

Gorgon silhouette teaser slowed down:

(Credit to @10shredder00 for making it)

###0 - 14 Seconds is normal speed
###14 - 42 Seconds is 0.5 of normal speed
###42 - 1:40 Seconds is .25 of normal speed


That was actually my guess at the real name. Either Arachne or Myrmidon to follow the spider/ant monster theme. I don’t think the name Gorgon is willy-nilly though. We’ll probably find out why when we see a full version of her.

I will say though, popular culture over emphasizes the snake-y-ness of a gorgon. Usually it only has to do with the gorgon’s writhing hair. If this gorgon has parasites like people are hypothesizing, it would make a lot of sense to me.

or the design is based on a little

That comment! “For god sake my mum got loose again” LMAO!


If this is the right thread to speculate about its skills, then i’d say that trs will try to keep the main theme aspect of the tier 5: “building yourself from the ashes”.
As they did (lore-wise) with lennox and with the equip of jack, i expect that Gorgon(zola) will somehow make the corpses a precious resource maybe in combat or outside of combat, buffs or traps, cookies or cakes.


I don’t understand why people want the name Arachne instead of gorgon. Gorgon is perfect to describe it because you can refer to it as a multiple of monsters

it’s like saying “look at all the goliaths/krakens/wraiths/behemoths/Gorgons over there” it just sounds right. Arachne would have sounded dumb in those contexts “look at all the Arachnes over there” it just sounds like a singular name for 1 thing, not a type of monster


Pretty sure it’s just another one of the larvae/maggots/parasite/leeches that Gorgon ate herself.

People want the name Arachne because it describes it very well, Arachne is half human and half spider (which is almost exactly what Gorgon looks like) but I do agree. In the sense of multiples Arachnes (I mean) Gorgons does sound much better.


Ya i know that it does fit the initial appearance better, but I’m so glad they went with gorgon, it makes it easy to talk about. Arachne would have been hard to swallow

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Yeah, originally I thought "Gorgon… GORGON? Who thought of GORGON?!"

But now it just feels right.


I’m sure its way better Gorgon than Arachne.
It’s way more badass to say that there are multiple gorgonzolas than arachnes.

Before, the hunters chase the monster… this time the monster will cheese the hunters

Who is the other because I’m not seeing any fucking stealth Monsters in Evolve.

You sure we are playing the same game?


Let’s not jump to conclusions before we see it. Will it be a stealth monster? I’m inclined to think so. At the very least it’ll be a sneaky tricksy one. Will it suck to fight? If it’s a stealth monster, prolly.

But we’ll have high hopes until we see it for ourselves, then we can cry. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah she was a trickster with that decoy. She’s deceptive instead of stealthy. I really hope this monster is stealthy, with actual stealth moves. Like a move that could capitalize on a lone hunter/ seperated. High single target damage, hopefully a move that could grasp a hunter or something.

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Maybe it’s a good medium between kraken and (original) wraith?

I was right she does talk about gorgon (Caira)

There never was any assassins. We got close with Wraith but because of all the little baby kitty baby whiners she was nerfed into oblivion.

If Gorgon suffers the same fate I swear I will hardly ever play Evolve again.


Just a heads up, moved a tonne of posts (excluding any from the last 24 hours) over into an archive topic to make this less time consuming to catch up on. Please discuss as normal :slight_smile:

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Wraith was supposed to be able to do that with Abduct if I understand things properly, but it wasn’t designed I such a way that you could abduct > pounce before the sheer force of their rectal discharge (and the jetpack) launched them into the air back towards their team

it’s movements are so twitchy and erratic. Hardly seems stealthy. I’d say more tricksy yeah. Wraith’s movements are smooth like a snake’s almost, and that’s the only relevant reference we have for what a stealthy monster might act like.