5th Monster?


So i see a lot of people here are giving ideas about a 5th monster and there are some pretty good ones out there. So here’s mine.

I was thinking about having a Vampiric type Monster.


  • The monster can walk/sneak just like the Goliath but instead of jumping around, it gains a high boost of speed for 3 seconds. (Kind of like Goku from DragonBall Z when he flies)


  • Instead of smelling around for the prey in one specific place it can actually see the prey while it’s moving, it’s vision turns bloody red for 6 seconds with a cooldown of 4 seconds, giving it the ability to do 40% more damage to wildlife.


  • Huge claw-like hands that deal a percent of damage based on the 1st ability.


Damage Amplifier 20 Seconds Cooldown

Jumps on it’s pray and sucks blood out of him for 3 seconds, doing 5% damage while giving a boost to it’s regular attack for 10 seconds.

1st Stage: 10% boost. 2nd Stage: 20% boost. 3rd Stage: 30% boost.

Blood Transfusion 15 Seconds Cooldown

Wildlife: In a small range, it turns the dead wildlife vampiric after killing the prey (you’ll have to choose between eating the pray or turning them). If you decide to turn them, the wild life will come back to life and start looking after the Hunters in order to slow them down, even if the specific wild life does not attack Hunters to begin with.

Hunters: In a small range, it poisons the Hunters for 5 seconds highly decreasing their movement speed.

The Impaler 15 Seconds Cooldown

It puts it’s hand in the ground for 3 seconds and shoots up spikes at a specific location, incapacitating it’s prey for 5 seconds.

Shapeshifter 15 Second Cooldown

Turns into bats and is able to move it’s Prey from one place to another at a high rate of speed for 3 seconds without them being able to break from it.

Let me know what you guys think.


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