5th monster variations


Just some thoughts please feel free to add your own.

I was thinking about way different monsters that would really change the pace of evolve

monster ant
creates pit traps that will stall hunters for a time
shed skin to get rid of tracking devices. This would sac some armor but it would be fun
drone wild life. some insects can take control of other insects. take this mind controlled dune beetle you nasty hunters
poison cloud. two can play at that game hyde now if they stay close they will pay.

Monster plant
this one I thought was a very unique idea I haven’t heard anyone mention this yet. the premesis of this monster would be to spread yourself as fast as possible. you’re melee is a ranged grab your treversal just gives you hp back. this monster has no armor but can regenerate its own health.

shoot seeds. plant another seed this would act like a decoy for plant but permanent until destroyed. when shooting seeds it costs life so watch yourself. this will also deal heavy damage if it hits the hunters but seeds cannot shoot more seeds

transfer consciousnesses you take control of a seed this drains health but is necessary to move closer to your objective.

detonate. this will sacrifice the seed you are controlling unless it is the last one.

entangle/swallow. this will trap the hunters who can then only be freed by other hunters

both of these ideas still need work but I thought it would be fun to share.


They have actually announced the fifth monster multiple times- it’s just bucket, but giant.


Sure they have. :wink:


he lying, we all know mammoth bird is the fifth monster


You see, this is what I’m talking about Rexy. They never seem to listen. What was that? Oh yeah, back to the thread.

[quote=“RobertOfPotatoland, post:2, topic:57785”]
They have actually announced the fifth monster multiple times- it’s
[/quote]a bloody Orion Terrorsaur. I know it’s going to be MLG, but get over it.