5th monster release date? Also 6th in the making?


Really need to know the release date lol, I been waiting weeks on end for a peek at this bad boy ( Bug?). I know there isn’t no real date out yet but when is the most likely ?

Also since we will most likely have tier 5 fully out before middle of the July, Do yall think they got plans for tier 6 since evolve only released in February. Cutting off DLC support in July seems a bit soon


Making T6 may very well depend on the success of T5. However, based on recent statements, I would say 2K is continuing to fund development and T6 is likely. No release date has been given other than Lennox, who is coming the 23rd.


They’ve confirmed T5, anything beyond that is dependent on the community


Why lennox on that date? Why not just released all of t5 on the same date!?





I think that is how the model is supposed to work. Each tier gets a Hunter release over 4-8 weeks (just a guess) followed by a Monster and maps. I’m assuming that helps drag out time and give them more space to develop more stuff.

Like a real season pass, where you get a pass to the whole season.

I believe that Team D and Behemoth were released together to build up hype.


Booooo that sucks


I need the new trapper and monster sooner T_T but Lennox comes out on the same day my results do. What a great reward. Being able to leap smash a Wraith or Behe.


Marketing wise it definitely pays to have 5 separate events to push your product compared to one.

Development wise it may be that Lennox is the only one that is complete, and the development schedule has, for whatever reason, been lined up so that work on each new character/monster is somewhat more sequential.

This could be because development time is split between more things whereas it was focused on T4 post-launch, or perhaps 2k/TRS are listening to the fact people love to moan on here about how there aren’t “enough updates” and this gives them the opportunity to have a more efficient workflow that also provides more regular “exciting” news.

As for releases… I’d be pleasantly surprised if the releases were finished before the middle of August, and that’s assuming that they do their usual gig of releasing updates once a fortnight. Until we get the release dates we won’t know, but it might be best for personal sanity reasons to not presume that this content is going to be completely with us before the summer ends. You know, managing expectations and all :wink:


Indeed, the pre-order bonuses and such meant that I imagine there was a lot of pressure to deliver people what they paid for.


Might be easier to balance one hunter at a time, too.


Balance one hunter you say? BUFF TORVALDS MORTARS ALREADY! Hasn’t it been a month?


This isn’t the thread for that, @noble. Cheers.


Who says they are not? We only have info on 1 character. For all I know, today, Friday, Saturday and Sunday they are revealing a new character that will be released on Tuesday.

Also, they could do a Wednesday announcement of 1 new char to be released on the following Tuesday. We just do not know yet…


a bit late but i looked around and confirmed they will slowly be revealing teir 5 hunters and monster over the next 6 months 1 by 1


Confirmed how?


I hope they make at least 10 tiers in total… I thin they’ll be spending the next 2 or 3 years tweaking this game before they make a new one.


We don’t know that…

I don’t think I’ll be able to commit to those many monsters, at least not with the current way things are going… But I’ll keep looking for it.


You guys need more patience, they already said that they want to take the releases nice and slow so they have firstly more time to finish it properly and secondly to make the balancing easier. Also they need to deal with the declining playerbase aswell, which is actually the thing of the now and not new content.

We got the rough estimate that everything will be done by next year. Getting specific dates is always dangerous as many people see these dates set in stone and are dissapointed when it’s not released at that specific date.


I wonder how will TRS and 2k try to bring new players in?

Obviously a lower price tag would help convincing our friends into the game.