5th monster possibility


If one is keen to paying attention to the dialogue amongst the characters, it becomes apparent (especially if you play with Slim a lot) that the Gen one Basilisk soldiers were huge terrifying monsters that were nearly invulnerable to regular small arms. It’d be an interesting idea especially considering the tie-in with Slim, Hyde and Laz

Basilisk monster?

The monsters that the game uses aren’t based off of the type of monsters they’re talking about in the mutagen wars. The first gen basilisk soldiers are monsters in the sense that they’re a scientific monstrosity not one of the ones like goliath or behemoth, etc. I doubt that they’d make a gen one basilisk soldier an actual playable monster.


Wouldn’t fit into the lore.
The basilisk warriors were insect hybrids. They soldiers would be close to human sized.
So no, we still have no idea what the 5th monster will be.


Don’t say it wouldn’t fit.

Lore can be amended. You all thought sunny died before she was a 4th tier support.

Likely? Dunno. Possible? Definitely


Also I don’t believe they disclose the source of goliath etc yet. Maybe they’re genetic mutations?


Sunny dying isn’t a good comparison.
We never saw her body. :wink: Or, read it.
These monster have never been seen before and are alien.
The basilisk soldiers still were human, just, insecty. And insane. :confused:


The monsters would be “Alien” if they were new. And never seen before if they were the first ones. Like 1st gen basilisk soldiers::stuck_out_tongue:


But they have seen basilisk warriors.
So they aren’t aliens. :wink:
(They means hunters of the mutagen wars)


The Monsters are alien creatures of unknown origin that have attacked and destroyed planets in the past. They are also all of the same species. A Basilisk G1 Soldier would NOT fit with the game, @ProdigalKing.


Well my thoughts are more like Basilisk soldiers revenge by genetic altering with OTHER animals.

I’m not saying I think it will happen. Jury that it’s not actually impossible with the current lore.


The basilisk soldiers aren’t that smart. :wink:
Just look a hyde, then imagine him as an insect.


So the big ape and the flying squid ate the same species? 1) that’s insane if true. 2) my theory, as above, is more that the soldiers are behind the attack. A Basilisk soldier crossing with a gorilla. Boom. Goliath.


Okay, that I’ll concede to


Yes, they are indeed the same species. And yes, it is insane, but yolo, science.


That would be quite interesting. ^.^
But I don’t see it happening.