5th monster is probably incredibly likely to be a Queen monster. Due to a dialogue line


Caira:“You know what I still don’t understand?”
Hank:“What, how to use the space toilets? It took me a while to figure out too.”
Caira: “No, What’s up with the lifecycle of these monsters?”
Markov: “Monster’s life ends with Markov.”
Hank: “They do kind of grow rather fast after they hatch”
Caira: “Yeah, and I don’t think they’re the ones laying them either.”
Hank: “This job is fan-fucking-tastic.”

Hopefully they look the part (As in, you know, acctually swollen with said eggs). Knowing the animations in the goddamn behemoth, this thing will probably actually lay eggs in game-play.


I think this is more in reference to the Up-And-Coming Nest Game-Mode. Monster has to defend a nest of AI Monsters against the Hunters.

As for Behemoth, his moveset has already generally been confirmed. Tongue-grab, Flaming Mortar, A Slam attack that creates a C shaped wall, and something else (Doesn’t spawn any AI controlled mobs though). Move ability is Roll.


Can’t see it. This monster would have to be 10x larger than goliath to lay these eggs.


Unless the eggs grow.


No, no. I mean it’s implying the monsters we’ve seen AREN’T the ones that laid the eggs, ergo going with the theory.


Maybe a special fight when you get up to level 50. The next games you start will reveal new things about the origins of the monsters until you have to fight against their creators on a special map. You only can team up with players over lvl 45.
And then everyone is happy, Markov admits that he is in love with Val and Hank is in love with Caira. Lazarus has successfully revived and tamed a goliath who now is his pet. Maggy buys an epic house from her reward and Daisy gets babys because she had some sexy time with the native trap-jaws. Griffin opens a Shear park on another planet and does tyrant shows, where he hold his baby over a tyrant pont but then dies because he gets stined by a leopard. Abe assumes the park. Bucked will be convertet to a toaster because of his sarcasm and starts the toaster-comedy-club for robots. Hide gets a job as weedkiller so he can still use his flamethrower for good. Cabot just gets back to his normal, happy life and Parnell… I don’t know… gets eaten by daisys babys.


I love that the lore comes in little bits and pieces like this, allowing us to figure things out instead of putting it right in our faces.

I certainly wouldn’t mind some queen type monster, especially if it is as badass as the one from Aliens.


Instead of evolving it lays eggs. The eggs take 2 minutes to hatch after they are laid. At each evolve instead if picking abilities, you pick what kind of monster you want to hatch out of the egg.


That would be intresting

You start at stage 3 in terms however, but have less HP than Behemoth


Idk how much hp behemoth has, but the queen would need a very large amount. She would be huge, slow, and only have a basic attack. Possibly two basic attacks. One that is the general melee and one that is a poisonous acid that she spits and stays on the map for x amount of time.


people said it’s most likely a tiny little really fast snake with venom


I’m hoping for a zoning based poison monster.