5th Monster is Female


The 5th Monster is a female. I went on Stephen-0akley’s deviant art page and commented

He had replied to me soon after however I only saw this now. He said:

Therefore the new Monster is indeed female, so the whole line-up is 3 male Monsters and 2 female Monsters now.

Fifth Monster Name Suggestions?
What name shall we name the 5th monster?
Fifth Monster Name Suggestions?

Who is Stephen Oakley?? This might get closed if it’s legit. :open_mouth:


Who didn’t think that the 5th monster background looked feminine anyway?


Concept artist for Evolve. I joked about looking at his deviant art page for 5th monster concept and he said he’ll be posting her concept art when she’s released/announced.

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i thought it looked female but i was gonna wait and see

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The monster’s don’t have genders…


Mah gosh stop posting this stuff, you don’t want to endanger someones job…


I posted one thing? Also it’s not too much of a reveal, its very feminine in appearance.

@Bear_Stream Maybe not Goliath, Kraken, or Behemoth but you cannot tell me that Wraith isn’t female, also the new one is also female so they do have genders.

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Actually, it’s been stated Wraith is the only female monster so far.


rolls eyes

Yes the monster IS female and her name is George… and she lives in a Jungle… and there is an awesome song about her:

/sarcasm (If you couldn’t tell)

The monsters are neither Male nor Female… they may have traits similar to what we associate with males and females in humans… but these rules do not apply to monsters.

Fifth Monster Name Suggestions?

I love this :smile:


I kinda said it would be a female right after the E3 reveal…


all the sneaky, creepy, and devious monsters will be female… because it fits us


One of the main rules of any life as we know it is repdroduction is a nessesity, noramally some of the only asexuall life is extremeley simple, like a worm, to be as complex as say a monster the can hyper mutate by simply eating would require more complex… means of reproduction. So shooting in the dark, if other advanced life does exist, really high chance they have genders if thier biology works like ours.

Which we’ve been told by the writers numerous times, is why the hunters are there in the first place, Shear is essentially Second Earth, and Hub will do whatever it takes to keep it, which is why Cabot is getting payed a Jillion and Three credits to tame the planet.


A dev just said the monster’s don’t have genders.
I’m not arguing, just saying what the devs tell us.

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You should have already known this from the silhouette. Female spiders have bigger abdomens than males.

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They are not a dioecious species, so they don’t have sexes, but they can be assigned genders.

A sex has to do with reproduction, which they don’t do.

A gender has to do with an identity. Which the devs have stated Wraith to be a “she.”


Uh, me? I legit thought it had a bear until a little while ago… >.>


For a species to exist as far as we know they must have BOTH genders, or atleast parts of both genders, but I don’t want to think about a she-man kraken

Plants have male and female parts, but we have no idea how the monster reproduce because we don’t know their origin, so i could be full of crap, also maybe he was referring to it as a she out of affection, like a boat, people refer to boats as her or she


the wraiths has tits…

not my words, griffin’s