5th Monster Ideas


What are your ideas for evolves fifth monster?


Let’s see… we have the Brawler / Bruiser (Goliath), the Mage (Kraken), the Assassin / Thief (Wraith), and the upcoming Tank (Behemoth).

I personally want either a Monster than can set traps or summon tiny minions (or both o3o)
As for his / her appearance… I did see a nice sketch of a Scorpion / Tarantula hybrid somewhere in the forums.

EDIT: Found it.


A spider like monster, would be awesome. Arachne, or Neith, both are from mytholgies sticking to that theme. Ability ideas; Grapple - the ability to shoot a web to a distant area and quickly move there leaving no visible evidence, Infect - stabbing local wildlife with your stinger renders them a victim to your will, they will follow you or upon your command actively seek out the hunters or you can alternatively stabbing into a plant rendering the local area to have poisonous air fumes, significantly damaging the hunters, Silence - use your silence ability which not only makes you 100% silent it also amplifies your vision to the point where you can see any life form for 50-100m through walls, Hiss - when using your hiss ability you will startle every flock of birds not only irritating the hunters but also allowing you free movement around the map for a minute or so. Speed of this monster is incredibly fast both running and climbing, no jump but instead you have a much shorter cool down time for your abilities. Melee is biting and is a high damage, low range, and medium speed attack.

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They should put the king of the monsters Godzilla the one and only


I would like to see an ice or acid based monster


I want a can acquire different skills depending on the eating creature monster


i think a cool idea is a monster that is kinda like devestater from transformers it starts off as 3 with one playable that is the alpha mind who would have more armor and health than the minions. they can be a single unit or break into three less formidable foes. stage 2 would be 4 then five at stage 3 that seperately would be easier to kill but faster and more agile than if compined where it would be slower and stonger like goliath and if minions where destroyed monster would have to wait a certain amount of time to regenerate a minion. Best name i could think would be hydra dont no what its abilities would be yet but i think its a cool idea. it would make for some interesting matches i bet. Also the minions would also not be able to stray far from the alpha about the range of the hunters dome. Or another mosnter idea just a straight forward ice type monsterkinda like the bewilderbeast from how to train your dragon 2.


I think maybe lika a jockey monster that is small, low health, low armour but can control the wildlife or ride it or something.

Or maybe a snake like monster that can burrow under the ground

or even a shapeshifter monster that can shape-shift int wildlife and even the hunters

maybe an ice monster that can freeze the hunters and leave ice on surfaces that make you slip and fall over

possibly a flying monster that can pickup boulders and drop them on the hunters

maybe a projectile monster that can shoot bullets or missiles or someting like that

a t rex like monster that is huge with high damage and can pick up a hunter in its mouth and kill it slowly untill the monster takes enough damage

a lisard monster that can walk on wall and ceilings with ease and can jump very far and grab onto a hunter

a tree monster that looks a lot like a tree and can disguise itself in a forest sort of map ad takes extra damage to fire

a monster that can change size

a ghost monster that can make a mist cloud on the map making it hard to see and can walk through some walls and can turn invisible

a chameleon monster

a metal monster

uuuum and i think thats it


I think an underground monster like tremors except he have arms


another idea for the game i think would be the ability to make your own hunter or monster. You could choose the moves and body parts u like then everyone could just make the monster they have in mind or as close to it as possible.

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I think there should be a acid base or spider base creature. My personal favorite idea is a water base creature that sits on the bottom of the water and swims really fast and is small. It’s design should be like a fish mixed with a croc or something else very similar. It’s shout be able to spit boiling hot water, trap a bubble of water around a hunter, it should be able to make a explosion on top of it with water, (similar to krakens ability) and able to get a wave of water and ride on top of it hitting nearby hunters. For its leap or teleport it should be able to only swim in the water. Also it can’t take acid damage. That’s my idea


I don’t see why everyone thinks the monster needs to have a specific archetype and element.
I would just like to see a cool monster like:

  • Maybe a monster that kind of looks like the Loch ness monster- a mid range brawler
  • Maybe a monster like Rodan from Godzilla- A long/mid range fast monster
  • Maybe a Monster like King Ghidorah- Mid range and deadly up close
  • Maybe a digging monster - Sneaky/Stealth and could be long/mid/close depending on the developers
  • Maybe a smart alien mutant monster - teleports through walls, as it’s own personal shield, Electricity blasts, whatever.
  • Maybe a bloody zombie hulk brawler human that was an experiment that gets big and stronger/buffer as it evolves.
  • Maybe a Dragon that’s snake like. Kind of like a Chinese Dragon.
  • Maybe a Scorpion Monster- long/mid range, acid, medium movement speed. this would seem easy for developers to program too.

But personally I would hate to see something like:

  • A small monster; human size.
  • A lot of small monster; a herd.
  • A monster that’s changes the game far to much.
  • A monster that doesn’t evolve.

Most of those don’t seem to do real damage. If the hunters caught you and we’re any good you’d loose.


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I just want some more monsters that flie, maybe a digging one, a monster that has ranged attacks while on the ground, like a a scorpion shooting venom from its tail, and something that just really stand out. I still want a floating island kind of map to…