5th monster idea


There are many monsters i would love to see in Evolve but recently (like 2 minutes ago) i thought a cool monster would be one that can use telekinesis, Throw wildlife and hunters around or even a blast that throws them back, Or pulls them forward. And could have a telekinetic shield ability.

Powerful mind crush that makes hunters seem like they are a car being crushed:

Control hunters like a spoon:

A shield that can freeze bullets or protect the monster:

Pull hunters towards you:



Seems kinda OP but cool. I kinda want to see a Monster that can switch locations with a Hunter though but this concept would be close to Wraith’s trickery concept.

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That sounds pretty awesome :slight_smile: I like the idea of one that can take the form of one of the hunters. Anything with mind powers, Necromancy, Shapeshifting or a swarm type i love xD



Taking form of one of the hunters would be too OP or useless depending on communication or lack of.



See it would unless shooting the hunter would make them glow, Plus if it took the form of the hunter either it would do nothing and hunters would win or it would attack and reveal itself. And a team that sticks together would notice cause there would be five hunters xD



Also friendly fire doesn’t work so could only shoot the fake one



It would be a way to punish hunters that try and 1v1 the monster or just run off on their own which Since day one TRS has said you need to work as a team.



Did you just finish watching an episode of Xmen because I’m totally thinking of Jean Grey lol. I kinda of like your idea and the monster can even use the ability as a CC which monsters don’t really have. I’m thinking like bubbling a hunter in mid air for 5 sec and allowing no heals or damage within that bubble?

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Haha yeah Jean Grey needs to be in Evolve xD and yeah that sounds cool :slight_smile: Something that lets you make a hunter helpless but for a few seconds. Its health would be lowish but can be all about keeping control of the hunters, But in a way that isn’t frustrating for Hunters.



Yeah just pure annoyance, like a blue deck in mtg. I would love to see some kind of a trickster just messing with everyone while he/she slowly diminishes all their health XD



your idea is pretty good here are some others that I’d also like:

  • Maybe a monster that kind of looks like the Loch ness monster- a mid range brawler
  • Maybe a monster like Rodan from Godzilla- A long/mid range fast monster
  • Maybe a Monster like King Ghidorah- Mid range and deadly up close
  • Maybe a digging monster - Sneaky/Stealth and could be long/mid/close depending on the developers
  • Maybe a smart alien mutant monster - teleports through walls, as it’s own personal shield, Electricity blasts, whatever.
  • Maybe a bloody zombie hulk brawler human that was an experiment that gets big and stronger/buffer as it evolves.
  • Maybe a Dragon that’s snake like. Kind of like a Chinese Dragon.
  • Maybe a Scorpion Monster- long/mid range, acid, medium movement speed. this would seem easy for developers to program too.

But personally I would hate to see something like:

  • A small monster; human size.
  • A lot of small monster; a herd.
  • A monster that’s changes the game far to much.
  • A monster that doesn’t evolve.