5th Monster Idea: Chameleon


Body Structure: The Chameleon would have somewhat short legs and stomach section, then it would have an elongated torso as well as long, thin arms that have three long opposable claws instead of fingers. Its head would short and low on its chest, with multiple small green glowing eyes. It would be black with a tint of green, as well as numerous spines protruding from its entire back side. It would be slightly shorter than goliath.


Camouflage: The Chameleon ducks down into a ball, and gets covered with vegetation/rock/other based on where it is, to blend in. It can stay like this for 30 seconds before being upgraded. Upgrading increases time and decreases visibility to tracking devices (ex. dust tagging).

Poison Mine: The Chameleon shoots a short range mine, and when something gets to close will release a large dust cloud that slows and blinds wildlife and hunters alike. Upgrading will increase detection radius as well as cloud size.

Speed Boost: When activated, the Chameleon will gain a temporary speed boost. This doesn’t include melee, but it does increase eating, climbing, and running speed. Upgrading increases duration.

Pheromone Burst: The Chameleon releases a cloud that attracts wildlife, buffs wildlife slightly, and makes the Chameleon invisible to wildlife as long as it is in the cloud. Upgrading will increase the radius of attraction and increases the affected wildlife’s stats. (Note that when the Chameleon steps out of the cloud wildlife will keep the buffs, but can attack the monster.)

Special Movement: The Chameleon will cling on to walls and roofs, but the stamina bar will deplete slowly while latched on. the Chameleon’s rate of movement wont change.

The Chameleon would have slightly less health than the kraken but more than the wraith. It would have a little less melee damage than the goliath, but it would have increased sneak attack damage.

(That’s it. Any tips/pointers/suggestions???)