5th monster footprints (Clickbait)

Green footprints. Maybe poisonous (the prints), but doubtful…

That’s goliath’s footprint.

i always thought goliath’s was blue. News to me.

Those… are Goliath’s…
And that was a picture by @MajorLeeHyper showing Bucket’s corpse…


I know what the picture was.

Sorry but the title is a bit of click-bait for the actual content within the post. But yeah that’s 100% Goliath’s prints.

Those are indeed Goliath’s.

When did they turn his footprint green?

I know the Monster sees their own prints as green. Not sure why Val sees them green in the image.

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It probably contrasts with the ground or something.

Hey guys… Question…

Has anyone heard Val say that line at the bottom? Because I sure haven’t.

Val: Ok, I’ve found it’s tracks. But it may have doubled back. Eyes open people.

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Matt was talking about trying to help out newbies through hunter lines, maybe it’s a new line?

If that’s a new line… And I don’t see the BACK of the footprint… Is it POSSIBLE that this was taken in a newer build of the game during a hunt against the fifth?

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That’s what I figured. Goliaths haze on his footprint is more of a beam up the middle than a cloud. image

It could be a glitch but thats exactly how monster sees prints

Probably a design change.
It has been a while since the last patch.

The footprint is Goliath so…

Absolutely not.


How would that determine the footprint? You can see the two large toes in the front of it and the two smaller toes on the back of it on the lower right hand side. It’s clearly Goliath’s at Stage 1.

Although, this may be

that has the 5th Monster and this just so happens to be one of Val’s new lines in an upcoming update.

Additionally this could just be a new feature for colorblind people and they now have the ability to change color pallets.


Can be the angle at which the picture was taken, the footprint also looks pixel-y so he could just be running on a lower graphics setting.

I suppose you’re correct.

I think the more important question is what map that is.
@MajorLeeHyper care to tell us what map you took the picture on?