5th monster discussion

Okay so far we know nothing about the 5th monster.While i was browsing Youtube i came along this

At the end of the credits you hear a transmission coming from somewhere someone finally decoded it and it talks about a station under attack by unknown spontaneously generated hostile entities. During evolve alpha they had a horrifying creature who can spawn minions. Can this be the 5th monster? It will probably look different than what you’ll see in the video above. Tell me what you guys think.

“The Host” as it was called has been brought up many times, but its not a viable monster as it forces the player to rely on AI for all of it’s abilities.

There is also a large speculation thread here if you’re interested.

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Found another great link about this fifth monster… It probably will be a minion/spider like monster. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Using minions would be awesome and make you feel like an actual boss monster xD

Minions sound cool and all but how would you be able to need skill to do well with it when all you’re doing is spawning minions and making them fight for you? Just wondering where the skill aspect comes in.

That’s the issue the devs were facing, I believe. How can you use an AI ability skillfully.

Decoy can be used with skill, but it can also be spammed.

Maybe like you control them to a larger degree or if the minions die you take more damage but I guess we will have to wait and see

To control them you’d have to leave your body behind like Bucket, it’s a risky trade-off.

That could make up for the skill part because the hunters could find you instead of fighting the minions. The monsters will probably need like near 10 seconds to get out of minion view so it is more risky

The idea of getting an orbital while trying to use a minion ability would be brutal.

You’d need to find cover every time you wanted to use it and it would be pointless in combat.

It’s not a bad idea, there’s just too many issues surrounding it.

I trust that the devs will figure it all out in time

Hey Guys, I thought I might add that the monster in the hunting season 2 pack thumbnail, looks humanoid (due to his/her head)… possibly related to the basilisk soldiers (Slim) or… Torvald spoke of soldiers that were dna spliced and became complete monsters, these he said were the first test subjects (Gen 1) - Dropship dialogue, Torvald and Slim (Slim is Gen 3)
Is it possible that this new monster is a Generation 1 test subject?

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Nope. :blush:

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I was so glad to have him say this. The Mutagen wars causing these just seemed like such a ‘boring’ story arc.

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Is there any in depth stuff about the mutagen wars? I would love to read more about it.

Unfortunately, not much about the mutagen wars outside of character dialogue. Matt’s short stories can be found here, and if you haven’t read them I highly recommend them.

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I have, they were great! I was hoping there’d been more released, but alas, there is not. Thanks though!

One day perhaps :slight_smile:

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