5th Monster Confirmed (Theory)


No. Thread is for fun but I’m pretty sure iI’m addressing alot of people.

Everyone who has played Laz knows how frustrating it is when a body falls under a map.

But what if it is kinda like a joke-ish hint on the next monster.

The burrowing monster.

The body doesn’t fall but is taken down and is gone.

I am obviously delirious but it is a pretty good idea.


That bug is kinda why I don’t roll with Laz much now. I’d love to play as my favorite thanatologist, but the 5th monster is too op! /sarcasm.
I think Maggie hinted to the 5th monster and Behemoth in some drop ship dialogue.


You know how many fake t5 troll threads there are now??
Le sigh -.-

But over to the topic on hand its just a bug, hopefully we don’t see diglet as the fifth monster lol


Diglet in this game would be funny af haha


Should I put “Theory”?


Probably before a mod shuts it down


Yup You got it.


Stage 3:Dugtrio


Lazarus would be much better in pugs, if he wasn’t plagued with a game breaking glitch every few games.