5th Monster Concept Design: Wind


I’ve always wanted to create a legitimate monster for the game that we all love. But there was one problem that I kept on running into: A unique movement ability. My first was not great, because some people pointed out that the monster didn’t fit the theme of evolve (it was a slime/ bog monster with the ability to stretch its arms out and launch it self forward) I have since then learned, and strived to create a monster more along the lines of what evolve might want to do. I do not assume that I can do a better job then Turtle Rock Studios can, they are the best ever, I just enjoy doing this.
So back to my idea, I actually came up with this idea a little while ago. I too have see the patterns of Evolve’s monsters elements and D&D combatant classes Fire Fighter, Lighting Mage, Energy/ Shadow Assassin, and Earth Tank, there are many things that could be added. I settled on Air/ Wind Ranger. In terms of movement I settled on gliding not wanting to step on the Kraken’s toes.
So here is my concept!

The Harpy

She is like the D&D Ranger of the monsters, she can be constantly on the move, and while she may not match up to the other monsters in terms of sheer strength, she makes up for with medium sustain, as she favors sustained speed and damage over short bursts, and her trademark: incredible speed, in her every movement. She is a monster made for speed so while her armor is low, it is not as low as the Wraith. She is also made to sustain so her health is higher. She also has a unique utilities not dissimilar to a Ranger to use her knowledge of her surroundings to her advantage, and like Ranger, is most successful when she uses the map and map awareness.

Eating - she opens her carapace helmet then begins to peck and rip strips of flesh of the corpse snapping them up not dissimilar to the way a vulture eats

Walking - she walks on her hind legs slightly hunched over, sometimes uses lower wings as fronts legs

Sneaking - she hunches over and uses her lower wings as front legs, and creeps forward at an angle

Sneak Attack/ Pounce - she leaps into the air and glides a short distance to her target.

Basic Attacks - she swipes and slashes with her wing claws, with occasional tail whips

Movement ability - she is not capable of sustained flight but she is capable of gliding, the higher she is when she starts gliding the faster and farther she will go, but her height will also decay faster the farther she glides. While she glides her wing tips and breathing holes secrete a liquid that falls to the ground. Her movement speeds while gliding are one of the fastest in the game, but her agileness is sacrificed as she cannot make quick turns. If she collides with terrain she will fall to the ground. She can also jump and glide a short distance if she is on the ground. If she is within 20 m horizontally of an organism while gliding and is close to the ground, she open her carapace helmet to let out a sharp cry, stretching her talons out forward, crash landing into them.

Special Notes
Her headshot is her chest, because it is part of where her most vital and sensitive speed generating organs are located as well as being exposed with very little coverage. They are her nostrils which connect directly to her lungs. In addition her head is normally encased in its durable trimandiblular carapace helmet (which protects her head while she flies), which would deter weapons, but when it is open it also becomes another weak spot.


Zephyr Dash - she selects a direction and shoots forward at incredible speed, with enough force that strong winds will be generated perpendicular to her flight path. Any organisms on the side of her flight path that she passes are blasted to the sides. Any organisms in front of her that she collides with will pushed ahead of her. Zephyr Dash can also be used while she is in the air, as she can target the ground, but her glide will be immediately canceled, and she will dive bomb the ground.

Cyclone - she will start flying very low to the ground in very tight quick circles to the point where her features are blurred, generating a strong vortex wind, any organisms that are in the cyclone that she comes into contact with will be rapidly dealt a huge amount of damage over time, any organisms at the center will be dealt a slightly smaller amount of damage over time and they will be slowed and jet packs disabled. When Cyclone is finished a strong gust of wind will blast any organisms still within range, into the air, and she will stop whirling. She can also change her location while using Cyclone.

Gale Blast - she whips her two front wings ahead of her generating a visibly strong wide horizontal wave of wind that shoots forward. It will damage everything in its path as it shoots forward, and slightly knock back any organisms it hits. It travels a great distance but the further it travels, the more its strength will diminish, and the slower it will move until it dissipates, or hits a very large wall. It deals the most damage at close to mid range, but still does noticeable damage at max range, in addition because it has nearly dissipated at max range, the thin blast of air is also nearly invisible. Gale Blast can be used while gliding, at the expense of a large amount of altitude and speed.

Sonic Screech - she opens her protective head carapace to drawn in a deep breath, letting out a deafening scream. Organisms in front of her in cone take damage. While this screech has a mid to close damage range, it also aggravates any wild life within a large radius of her. When out of sight of Hunters, Sonic Screech may echo eerily across the map, and may even trip Griffin’s Sound Spikes. Sonic Screech also causes the Harpy to become frenzied, increasing her attack speed and movement speed for a short duration.

While the Harpy has indeed evolved and adapted for speed, she has sacrificed her raw power in return. But to balance that she has enough sustain and is strong enough to put up a good fight for a sustained amount of time. Because she has adapted for speed, her armor is lower, it is better to bring the fight to her enemies on her terms. And her movement abilities allows her to do just that as she can glide over any enemy from a distance, undetected, and dive bomb them.
The Harpy also succeeds best when she uses the map to her advantage: Cycloning enemies near cliff walls so she can use the knock up after to Zephyr Dash them to the top of the cliff for a few moments off isolated fighting, Gale Blasting through her isolated target at the top of the cliff from the ledge, to deter any followers and extend that period of isolation, Screeching near aggressive wildlife while fighting hunters, picking the best located, high cliffs for long uninterrupted glides. The Harpy is all about using her knowledge of the map to her advantage.

Fifth monster speculation
What type of Monster would you like to see?
Fifth monster speculation
Monster Idea
What type of Monster would you like to see?

Good idea.

But believe me, people will hate to play against it, a Wraith (Pre Nerf), but worst.

Why the heck would it not fit Evolve?


ill send a link, but in the meantime ive updated some info


here it is


i like it but ive read over (and drawn) a similar idea i think fits a little better your idea dwells a little to deep not leaving much room for discussion. if you dumb it down a bit i could work fine. Other monster


God, this idea is so better.

It won’t be UP or OP.

It will be fun to fight against or to play as him.

I don’t see how people could critic him. and the ¨Not fitting in evolve¨ Is bullshit.


u mean the Protoplasm!? it was a newb concept design.
The reason why it doesn’t really fit the monster theme of Evolve, is because of how the monster is like constructed, he’s not really solid more like in-between a gel an a solid, while the Evolve monsters are more like reptiles, which are completely solid


The only problem I see with this is the name. We already have Harpies. That’s the actual name for Carrion Birds. I would go with Banshee. Or maybe Typhon.


The eggs are not solid but turn solid in seconds, so it would still make sense. (the baby inside not the egg)

Edit: and don’t forget this https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/uploads/default/1156/6fb24dccb465b9c8.jpg


I actually originally really wanted to name her Banshee, but the Kraken has Banshee Bombs :weary:


Hm. Good point.


What do you guys think of the drawing?


Yeah but in the end they went away from that squishy feel, and went for a more scaly one, :pensive:


It’s a million times better than anything I could draw! :ok_hand:


What about Roc for the name?


Thanks! :smile:


Hm, seems plausible… remind me, wasn’t Roc a gaint bird that was made out of rock, and had a deafening screech, I like to research my names before I associate them with my Monsters. Another source says that it was mainly a giant eagle that picked up humans, and some times elephants and then dropped them from huge heights. While parts of these description do resemble the Harpy, its not really the feel I was going for.


Your right on both accounts, they are made of rock in some cultures while others see them as just a giant eagle. I get what you mean by it might not fit the theme. But then I don’t think it has to fit perfectly. Kraken does nothing that the actual Kraken in Greek mythology does, and Goliath was just a huge man.


No thanks, I can’t see this as fun to play against as a hunter. Nice thought though, and REALLY good effort on the details, so kudos for that :slight_smile:


Aw come on, it’s not as bad as pre nerf Wraith. :confused:
I tried to make the Harpy more balanced in consideration of the hunters. Could you at least tell me how she could be improved so that she would be fun to play against?