5th monster breaking the rules?


I think i read by one of the devs that they can “Break the rules” With Dlc monsters like behemoth being slow and his intestines being his weak spot (Might of been a dream) so do you think the 5th monster will be different from goliath, Kraken and wraith by breaking monster rules?


I heard it can shapeshift into wildlife… Kinda weird if you ask me, But I think it’s just a rumor…


i heared that he turns invulnerable once he has transformed into stage 3


Given that he’s rolling fast enough, he can shatter the trappers dome.


I have heard Turtlerock Studios bought the rights to bring the stone titan from Disney’s movie Hercules but they had to change the name of it for legal purposes and the community voting was just TRS having no imagination what to call it :wink: (I swear this is the truth… … … … trolol)

Behemoth has Evolved to level 3! "Try to dome me now you delicious bugs!"



In a line of dialogue from Maggie, she describes how Factor was attacked by rock like Monsters (which could only be Behemoth) and a kind of Monster that ‘made other Monsters’. I’d put my money on that being the fifth Monster.


Depending on how you look at it though that could technically be wraith, but I don’t know. Honestly I’d be happy with a curve ball monster that isn’t referenced in any way so far. Keeps me guessing. Happy no matter what though!


I heard its from pokeman


People hear lots of things


It’s said that if Behemoth reaches stage 3 he will basically be unstoppable, a real mean machine.
Which just makes me think of Defend straight away… Start the match at Stage 3, Win, win and win some more.
Even before realease, behemoth OP :scream:


I’m so not looking forward to those threads haha



Haha eventually the hunters will just land on the monster and kill it with the fall xD


Breaking the rules - it can either be a giant fist or a hunter gone rogue!


Mario “Jumpman” Mario has perfected the arts of the Goomba stomp.
If and when the hunters learn this early from of gaming fatalities then all hope is lost for the beasties of shear.


BEHEMOTH , breaking the internet !


Next assault hunter is mario xD


With nudes haha




I can see where this conversation is going xD