5th Hunter Glitch?


So I joined a game in a party with a friend and when I joined the Support was dead however as soon as the dropship drop me off I was a character you couldn’t be. To other people I was the colour purple. The weapons I had was Triangle: Shotgun, Circle: Minigun, R1: An Assault’s Special Ability, L1: Nothing. And no I wasn’t the assault because the assault was ‘Hyde’. When you pressed start instead of seeing a name under “Support” there was nothing and finally when watching the little image of you killing the monster at the end of the match, my character was not there. FYI the charcter was red and black and wore a helmet. It was kinda cool though . Anyone know what this is??


Yep, ebonstar soldier bug, the devs are workin on it


Thanks never heard of that before. Kinda a fun bug though :stuck_out_tongue:


Especially when it replaces trapper against a stage 3 monster, you can really tear em a new one :laughing:


It happened to me too. I soon glitched on the ground, incapacitated, and was able to shoot a minigun on the ground. So weird.