56 second win


A few seconds after landing, the monster died. Not sure what killed it but I think it was the turret(s) from winning the previous day. Pretty funny if you as ask me.

Oh and sorry for the bad quality.


I would of come up with some kind of joke, but my mind has been turned into the mental capability of jello puddin’, so I can only claim laughter and say a flat what.


Best player ever lol


Did you have seekers from the pervious day? I saw how they #rekd the monster during the amazon live stream! Also, was it hunt or nest? A couple of times I’ve started in nest and an elite wildlife has been beating on me.


We had the Sentry guns for sure. And I don’t remember which mode. Didn’t pay attention, possibly Nest tho. If I remember correctly, it was Weather Control and the monster went towards the water.

It’s funny no matter it died IMO.

@Stephen_Shock thanks but none of us hunters even saw it. Can’t really take the credit lol. I respect the wildlife/map effects much more now.


I was playing a game as wraith earlier spawn right in front of a elite, (Giant armed thing lol) and it took half a bar before I even got to move. @jags34 It your win never mind how lucky it was take credit for it XD.


Haha I mean I don’t really take credit on the kill, but I definitely take credit for the win. A win is a win no matter what.