50 years of Evolve, and counting


I remember back in 1964 when Evolve was new… Laz and Hyde were just baby buddies and a little Goliath was all ‘rah, raaahhh’. Kraken couldn’t even fly back then…

Yeah that’s a real picture from the app XD I didn’t edit it. Strange thing was, I didn’t even play that match at all! I just went to check replays a few hours after I finished playing and… that was there.


You’re excited for the launch of Evolve? Pssh, it’s so mainstream now. I’ve been playing since 1964.


You played Evolve 50 years before me? Pre-Order Cancelled!


Want a DeLorean to help cancel it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Be quiet old timer! Or i’ll cut your pension :laughing: :older_man:
Pshh old people these days


Don’t make me take out my Goliath and teach you a lesson, whippersnapper!

Does that sound… wrong? It sounds wrong I think…


Well my Kraken is far bigger than your tiny Goliath! Youn-ehhh OLD grasshopper :kraken_stare: :goliath_roar:


You’re just a young stage 1, fresh from your egg. I’ve evolved twice already and killed many a hunter in my day and age…


But you will soon Evolve to the lesser, more decrepit old age of Stage 4 and I shall take your place by crushing your feeble bones!


:open_mouth: No DeLorean for you!


Whatever… I can use my Kraken powered hoverboard anyways! I don’t need no DoLorean!


my hacked stage 15 behemoth will crush that DeLorean like an an an I got nothing :frowning: