5 versus 1 bug


I was playing on PC Yesterday with friend when suddenly we noticed we are 5 hunters against the monster. Two Vals were in the map (me and other dude), the team was very confident. We took him down pretty easy. Poor monster.

Here we were healing each other lol.


So funny healing each other


I think they know about this bug. Or at least they know of a similar bug/exploit


I saw this bug before. Except there was two supports, hank and Cabot.


Yeah, this is a well known bug now. Being looked at, been reported a bunch, extremely funny, not an exploit as far as we know.

So all good. :blush:


So more hunters ARE possible.!


Two Abes lol OP. Happened to me yesterday after I spawned in before the drop ship arrived at the beginning of the game. I picked Markov who is an assault not a trapper and was spawned in as Abe waiting for people to jump off of the dropship at beginning of the game.


This is terrific, maybe it will be implemented at some point somehow.


This was a perfect moment to create a double jump rope video with the monster :o


YES. We need to do this. Imagine a double skipping rope game with two Vals! Such fun.


Happened to me this afternoon on Xbox One. Six total hunters, Two Lazarus’s, Two Markov’s, One Maggie, and One Hank. My game crashed just before the end of the match.


6v1, eh? Lol. Who was winning?