5 V 1 Horror Movie Slasher Game


So I heard about this this game on kickstarter called Last Year

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastyear/last-year-5-vs-1-multiplayer-survival-horror

Now the game was already funded when I heard about it so don’t worry about me trying to get you to put money on something that is just an idea as there are alot of reasons and examples as to why you wouldn’t want to and I understand.

I just thought you guys would like to check it out as it is another team v one game.

Note: The game’s kickstarter page I have linked will explain this in much better detail as I’m just giving the rundown and I know the game is really just on paper right now but I still think its pretty cool. So here we go.


The game is inspired by the classic slasher movies like ‘Friday the 13th’, ‘Halloween’ and others like them. It centres around five teenagers and the Killer. The goal of the teenagers is to find keys and gas so they can start the getaway car and escape the Killer. Their alternative goal can be to try an kill the Killer but it would prove differcult and requires very good team work to pull off. The Killer’s goal is simple ‘KILL THE TEENAGERS!’ and every one has 1 life even the Killer.


In this group are five classes

The Nerd/Technician - Repairs various machinary around the map.
The Popular Girl/Scout - Things like weapons, flashlights and even the Killer are hilighted in her vision making her the lookout of the group.
The Jock/Assault - Can go toe to toe whith the Killer. Able to hurt and stun him giving a window of escape.
The Nerdy Girl/Medic - Heals teammates
(I’m not racist especialy since I’m black but this is inspired by old horror slasher movies and this was very common with them)
The Black Kid/Support - Same as the Jock but less beefy and can lay traps to slow the Killer.


Team of one
They said that there will be multiple killers to chose from with their own unique weapons.

The Killer is strong but is not as quick as the teenagers. This is where predator mode comes into play. The killer can only enter this mode when out of sight, when in this mode the killer is twice as fast as the teenagers and invisible allowing him to stalk his prey but cannot attack while in this mode and needs to spawn behind a door in order to leave predator mode. When I say door I don’t mean a spawn point but a door to a room that the teenagers can enter in, even a room where their objective might be.


The teenagers start with nothing and must explore the area for flashlights and weapons as well as fuel and keys for the car. During this the Killer can do things to tip the odds in his favor such destroying the power generator that cuts out the lights, giving the teenagers less visability. He can also cut the phone line which can stop the teenagers from reviving dead teammates into police officers. This is where the Nerd comes in as he can repair these but will you send him out alone, send someone with him or go as a group because remeber they all have one life so if the Technician dies no way to repair, if the Medic dies no healing, if the Jock dies no protection and so on.

There is much more info in the Kickstarter page I linked so check it out.

I think its pretty cool and the developer is no rookie and has worked on games such as Crysis, Far Cry 3, Assasins Creed and many others (The previous Assassins Creed games not the…


you know…


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