5 player multiplayer


You should really consider making the multiplayer being able to support 5 party members. 4 freinds and myself wanted to get into a lobby and randomize the monster. we were going to put on “no preferences” so that roles would be random.
Please add this? it would be a lot of fun.


how many threads are gonna ask about this seriously lol


I think they said in private games they will have that but not in the actual multiplayer so you can’t boost.


it might as well be called boosting anyways. my freinds and i are always the same role, and we kill 1 monster. we never loose… isnt that kinda boosting?


and its not like the monster would loose on purpose. we play to win.


…this is a bump.


you will be able to do this in the full game


your answer is UNACCEPTABLE!


Nope, not even then. They have said 5 player groups will never be allowed to prevent cheating. At most you may get a scrim option where you can’t level up, but that’s it. For the actual game, groups will always be capped at 4, and any group will never be allowed to have someone play as the monster.


I’m fairly certain that I read somewhere 5 player parties will be supported just not in the big alpha.


Again, that would only be a scrim option, if it gets introduced at all. It will never be allowed for the actual game due to how the leveling system works. It does nothing but promote cheating.


Fun?! You ain’t allowed to have this fun up in here. Sonny boy, if you want fun then ya better go play some Nintenda games! In here we’re about XP, unlucks, and ranks!

No, seriously, they apparently are adding 5-player group support called “custom games” in the final product. However, a party in matchmaking will always be locked in the monster role. I do agree that this should change. It’d be nice if it were like CSGO matchmaking. It has both a competitive and casual matching system. In the casual mode it could allow everyone to rotate through roles as they please rather than restricting sides. This would be the ideal solution.


With the leveling system in Evolve, that is simply not possible. You level up, and gain access to new characters, perks and content based on your performance in game. Allowing anyone at any time to play against one another outside of a scrim based system would do nothing but result in massive exploitation by the players.

Also, they have made it abundantly clear that they will never allow the player base to be split up, which is exactly what having both a competitive and casual queue would do to the game. They will never force you to pay for new maps via DLC, and any hunter or monster characters from the DLC will never be restricted only to games where everyone has paid for that content.

You personally will not be able to choose the character/monster/skin that you haven’t paid for, but you can be matched with other people who have. Evolve doesn’t have an existing fan base of millions of players like Counter Strike does. What you are asking for is simply impossible to do in Evolve without out destroying everything else.

People need to learn that not every single game that is released will have all the same features as other games on the market. The people who expect and demand those things are single handedly destroying the videogame industry. Games like Destiny and Titanfall don’t flop because they are bad, they flop because they are not a cookie-cutter copy of every CoD game ever made.

If you want to play Counter Strike, go play Counter Strike, but don’t be looking for features from Counter Strike to be added to a game that can never, ever, support them.


Not sure where this came from. All I mentioned was helping random people play against random people when they set up custom matches instead of always having bots fill spots. It was mentioned in another thread already too.


You made the suggestion for them to set it up like CS:GO. I schooled you on why that not only will never happened based on game design, but also why it is a horrible suggestion in terms of destroying the game for everyone else. The fact that you even suggested it is further proof of the horrible trend with video games over the last 5-10 years. The vocal minority of players cries out for every game to be the same has the 1000 games before it. If its not, they will devote more time to bashing the game and calling for its failure than they do actually playing it.


This is an excellent idea.


There is no need to be so condescending. I made the suggestion to allow people to join “scrims” (which the developers have called custom games) as part of an automated system instead of filling empty spots with bots automatically (as was mentioned by devs in another thread). In CSGO there is casual matchmaking in addition to the competitive, skill-based matchmaking system. You need to go back and read exactly what I said rather than what you want to think I said. I never said “make the game more like CSGO”. I said “CSGO has a single feature that would help here”. In fact, there are several examples on this forum where I’ve voiced an opinion that tries to steer this game away from being like every other Battle of Duty shooter.


EXCEPT it’s been confirmed that “custom games” (in which 5 players can lobby up together so that 5 friends can all play together) WILL get player progression. The only thing that custom games won’t get is global leaderboarding, as far as I’ve heard.

Which, frankly, is how it should be. I have 0 interest in global leaderboards, and if I were to be punished for that by losing access to the vast majority of the game, I’d be uninstalling it now and never looking back.

EDIT: Global leaderboarding also includes matchmaking score, I assume, which means if anyone from my community ever DOES decide to join the public fray, a bunch of noobs best prepared to get stomped for at least a couple rounds. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes agreed. This is my biggest complaint.

Problem with custom games is that you can customize a ton of rules and stuff (as verified by several devs). What about those of us with 2 or 3 friends who want to play monster occasionally in standard hunt?

We’re just screwed.

So it becomes a choice of play with friends and miss out on half the game or play solo (and experience monster) and still miss out on half the point of the game (playing with friends…).

I don’t care about leveling. Disable it for this queue. No points, no leveling, no leaderboard. Join this queue with your group and get matched against similarly skilled people with all roles open to everyone regardless of if you are partied up.


they said it will be able in custom games.