5 out of 5 matches as monster



monster is my last option. assault, tracker, support, medic, monster. that order i have them.

But when i just played an Evactuation match. 5 / 5 times… i was forced to play the fecking monster ???

Yes, i was thinking, ok, next match i wont be monster atleast. man i was wrong.
5 / 5 as monster, when its my last option. fecking retarded system.

and not only that… on the last defense i killed off the hunters, to strike them. but when i had 2 strikes on them, and killed them once again, the strikes reseted… and they got 100 % hp again ??? WTF…

and no… it wasnt a graphic bug. they actually got back to zero strikes !!!

So then, WTF is wrong with the matchmaking system.
I have bought an assault. and i whould like to PLAY IT. your system obviously is stupidly horrible atm.
do you have any plan to fix it soon ??
or should i just burn my game and never again buy anything from your company ?

For the moment, i will beat the shit out of any of my friends who even thinks about buying this game.

its not realy hard to make a better match system.
Want to play as a medic ? simply login to the medic and enter a queue system.

is it so damn hard to make this ? dont think so, since every other game that are mmo and have classes have this system, and they seem to work. so why make a shitty match system when there are better and proven system that works ???


Yes, they return with no strikes in Defend when they are officially ‘dead’ and are put in the dropship. You did not know this?


Clean up your language in your post or we’ll have to close this topic.

First – You fought a group of four more than likely meaning you were the only one that even could be the monster.

Second – That’s what happens in defend mode. Once hunters go in the dropship, they come back at full hp and no strikes.

Thirdly – Be constructive in your posts and less antagonistic. Do you really think saying you’re going to ‘beat the shit out of any of my friends who even thinks about buying this game’ is going to garner attention to the issue or help things?

Fourth – If you really are deadset on playing assault then try solo mode or custom matches.

Fifth – Ranked mode is about to be coming that has the matchmaking you’re looking for.

Again though, you need to clean that post up or I’m closing the thread. There are already many threads about matchmaking out there but I’m not against you speaking your mind as long as it’s constructive and not just complaining to ‘fix matchmaking’.


Wait 5 out of 5 as in 1 round of Evacuation? Or do you mean you played one full round of Evacuation?


yes. 5 / 5. as in a full match. and i was forced to play as monster.

even tho the monster i my last option. meaning. i should not even have been in that match from the begining.
Wich again shows that the system used now is utterly crap. and you cant play the class you actually WANT to play ???

And to hydra. clean up my language ? whould you rather have me use synonyms ?
like: Half-witted… Unintelligent…Harebrained…Preposterous…Weakminded…Clownish… Unreasonable weak… etc…
i have a library of synonyms on the word: “stupid”. but i prefer to be blunt, since everyone understands that.

and yes, about me beating the crap out of any of my friends who even thinks about buying this game for the moment.
That is true. i will. i wont let my friends spend their money on a game that have a half-assed matchmaking system.

And if you can not see why people are getting angry, when they pay alot of money for a game, and then even more money just to play a special class, (becuase i like that class)… when they then cant even play it.
then you as a person are truly the most enfeebleminded Self-deluding person i have ever met on a forum.


During evacuation mode, once the monster is always the monster


Hold on, so you played a match of Evac and you’re surprised you were the monster the whole match? You do realise the monster doesn’t cycle for the duration of an Evac match, right?
After day 5, when the new match starts, that’s when a new player can be chosen as monster.


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