5 minutes of fame



I was eager to see how they would chart this…thank you for getting a photo.


And on that I’m getting my 3 hrs sleep lol goodnight


I wonder why you are higher than drop. You both have 5 wins but he has 0 deaths.


Goodnight :slight_smile:


it will proly switch once he refreshes it. deaths are basically losses.


Just quickly- I believe it also factors in time taken to beat ‘X’ matches most of mine are at stage 2, pretty early but that’s too be expected until the new people learn the ropes


Haha. Enjoy it!


Haha, I’ll wake and find I’m at 1525272525262726980


Well, yes, but Brother’s distance is nearly half Drop’s so perhaps his win speed outscales the loss.


I would think distance and stage of win would have little to do. I’m wondering if it’s just because it doesn’t repopulate every second?


Na I figured it I’ve won 5, he’s won 5, but I’ve played 6 games so it put me first. He would’ve only played 5 gamiez


But as a tie breaker, games played also seems a bit wonky. Either way it’s cool, just trying to figure it out :slight_smile:


So now that I’ve seen this, I want a web based site that has this info updated live. Would be cool to see :slight_smile:


Excellent. It’s cool to see a packed leaderboard for realz!


Oh, it’s on. It’s so on.

Imma become the best leaderboard medic.


Internal struggle about winning tournament, possibly playtesting T3 Hunters/Monsters, and/or dominating Monster Leaderboard >.<


is this our only form of tracking “ranked” for hunt mode? cuz that just means he who plays the most will be on top. i cant play forever lol.


Thats why I’m trying to determine the algorithm. That being said, I’m not too worried.


I hope its that middle column that says WLR. so the more wins you have per loss will rank you. still wont be accurate. idk how they will handle a ranked ladder. your not facing ppl directly so its confusing.