[5.1]Hyde vs Torvald (who's the better pick?)

After Torvalds buffs in 5.0, who do you think is the better pick?
Feel free to add what comps they work best in and why. :sunny:

P.S. this is talking about if they were played by the best hyde and best torvald in the world, hyde is obviously easier to use…

Hyde hyde hyde and Hyde is best comp

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Okay, well tgat was easy.


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Hyde if you’re can’t maximize Torvald’s potential, as he’s a simpler, safer pick.


HYDE HYPE!</10chars>


In maps with more enclosed areas, Hyde. Where there are more open areas, Torvald.

Hyde is the safe pick. He’s effective against all of the monsters.

As for Torvald, you need to anticipate where to shoot the mortars (which isn’t that hard really). Do that and he’s great.

Both are top notch picks. Don’t think there’s really a “better” pick. It depends on you whether the Hyde/Torvald is great or not.

Also, both worth well in all comps. Though they would work better with Laz. Hyde would be better with Laz, as I believe the toxic prevents him from eating bodies.

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I probably should have added at full potential…

As if anyone expected you to not pick Torvald!

Slight bias maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, have to agree with you. We normally run a Laz as medic, so having Torvald is good for burst damage, but Hyde burns through armour so fast - especially with Cabot’s damage amp!

If Torvald hits a couple of consecutive mortars, the monster is in trouble, but most do a good job of avoid all but a couple of the mortar rounds. Hyde on the other hand gives more reliable damage, and is great for punishing a monster who’s going after a certain player.

At max potential, Torvald by a long shot.
Burst damage=Best damage

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That is all.

Just gotta hit them mortars, and Torvald is wayyyyyyyy better.
Beautiful damage on every monster.

Either way, hide.

Hyde is always the safer pick, he is good enough on every map and against every monster, but on maps that arent the mine torvald has a much much bigger potential

Hyde is the safer pick but at full potetial, Torvald beats all the assaults in damage.


Torvald for HEAVY DAMAGE max potential is usually Torvald

l i

Hyde is a lot more consistent especially against Wraith. The other monsters Torvald can do really well against especially behemoth

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Torvald, no contest. Against any monster except a Kraken that DOESN’T use Aftershock, Torvald destroys Hyde in every way possible. Area denial, burst damage, constant damage- mortars reload insanely fast- utility, etc.

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If you stand under a kraken and point your mortars at his butt they land almost all of them.

I can answer your question with another question.

Do you want to have to be good at aiming in order to be successful?

If yes, pick Torvald.
If no, pick Hyde.

I know, but good Sky Kraken players move around in the air a lot, making it very difficult.

But with the AS meta they’re always much closer and lower to the ground and landing mortars is simple.

They move around a lot but not fast enough to avoid launching them at his butt from directly underneath its like a quarter of a second travel time. And 2 full mortars are enough to remove armour.

And yes AS does make it easier but you can still do very well against non AS krakens.