5.0 hasn't helped break the Hank meta, it's made it worse

As of 5.0 there is still no reason to pick any other support over Hank. No support has even a 10th of the impact on a game that Hank does. He still has the highest damage potential of any support and the best defensive capability of any support.
He combos with other hunters like no-one else.

Hank + Hyde? Good luck corpse camping
Hank + Slim? Near game-breaking offensive capability
Hank + Caira? Near game-breaking defensive capability
Hank + Jack? Same as above
Hank + Laz? Oh look, Laz is viable now

Pre-patch there was at least some variation every now and then, someone might pick Cabot or god forbid, Bucket, but high level play was still nothing but Hank.
Now that you’re effectively getting a report card at the end of every match people are only further encourage to conform to the meta.
This is getting really, really boring.
The shield nerf seems to have done almost nothing due to monster damage being nerfed across the board, infact the devs themselves stated that this nerf was only implemented “to bring him in line with the new monster damage system”, and on top of this his orbital still deals far too much damage.
In fact I’m incredibly surprised his orbital isn’t discussed more. It’s a game breaking ability that can literally win a game in a matter of seconds.
If you get a good hit on the monster with it, it’s like catching the Snitch. The game may as well end there.
In a game that revolves around the concept of 4 dudes versus one boss monster no one character should be able to take off half of the boss’s entire health bar with one ability, regardless of the circumstance. This just strikes me as bad design.
And before you chime in with the inevitable “just dodge it” or “you deserve to be punished for being caught in it for so long”, you are right, you should get punished, but not nearly as severely as the orbital currently does, the damage dealt by the orbital is just far too massive. Getting caught in it for a second and a half can be enough to wipe out the entirety of your armor and with it’s near instantaneous deployment time it doubles as effectively gives Hank a nice little panic button, making him yet harder and even more punishing to focus down.
No other character in the game can do such a ridiculous amount of damage with one ability, and in such a short space of time.
But I digress, as much as orbital needs a rework the main point I’m trying to make is that Hank is still the support meta. I haven’t seen a Cabot in ages. I don’t think I’ve had even one game without a Hank playing at Silver Master level. I saw a Bucket during my calibration games, and one sunny, but since I got my rank it’s been Hank and only Hank. He desperately needs a nerf and has done for a while, not just for the sake of balance but for an ounce of fucking variation.

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I honestly think every single character is viable now. If played correctly


Basically because this is Ranked Mode and your stats are affected, people are too scared to deviate from the safe picks to try something new.

To be honest I don’t blame them. I haven’t deviated from the Hank/Caira picks because I’m in placements and want the highest chance of winning possible.

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the only thing i agree with was the unwarranted cabot nerf. other than that. i disagree. caira hank has never been easier to get strikes with…even stage 1 :slight_smile:

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i dont see hank as a problem.

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Hank isn’t really a problem. Take him out first then proceed to medic, trapper, and assault.

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I took a Hank/Slim/Griffin/Hyde(I think) team this morning and killed them with a Stage 1 Behemoth on aviary with only two abilities in less than 3.5 minutes.

You clearly haven’t seen the kind of damage that Bucket is capable of now.

But Cabot, yeah, he’s definitely the weakest Support in the game now. Definitely pre-buff Bucket tier, at best.

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I take it you win 100% of your games? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s obviously a lot harder than it sounds. Hank can still be frustrating to play against and is a very safe pick Hunter side. Would I agree that he is OP? Not yet. Still too early to tell. But I don’t think winning against a Hank is as easy as you make it sound.


Hank is just a smarter pick if you want to win

I don’t win 100% of my games :stuck_out_tongue:

I just constantly adapt to new strategies, sometimes I just rush someone until Hank runs out and can’t shield but 90% of the time I kill Hank, if it’s Slim though you have to rush Slim as there is little to no way to kill Hank with the healing Slim dishes out.

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Don’t worry, it’s not as easy as he makes it sound. Not unless he’s playing against a noob team.

That what I did in my above Evolve tale.

I honestly feel like a Hank/Laz or Sunny/Laz team is less viable, mainly because of the god damn shield beams revealing where I am at all times.

Hank is the safe option
Sunny is another, pretty safe, option

Bucket and Cabot are offensive, so require more team work and communication to keep everyone up on their feet longer, to deal lots of damage. That’s why they’re not played as much. They require more skill and communication. And even with those, Hank and Sunny are still pretty much as viable

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I believe they lowered it to be in line with smaller armor levels early on

they did. its 800 to match rockthrow. but now you can spread your points and hank cannot keep up :slight_smile: still takes skill to down them tho caira not missing will still keep the team healthy. but that short amount of seperation/hunter mistake = a strike and normally you can still be healthly. iv only played 9 matches tho so i could be wrong.

Lol I meant the Cabot damage amp nerf

OH lol. i dont agree with it. you got no sheilds. you can shoot through walls for mediocre damage. now your amp will barely help the team. meanwhile all hail bucket is viable can do twice that in a few seconds lol. all u gotta do is have a target sit in the turrets and jack pushes them from running away lol.

Oh I definitely agree, just starting the reason I felt they did it. Cabot is the only character who is complete crap right now imo