4vs1 My Experience


Hi Team and all

I played the alpha and during some video games trade show. I like it but:

  1. If the hunter team know what to do the monster die in 5 minutes
  2. All the games played looks like: Hunter kill the monster before the evolution, Monster run and evolve quickly and kill them all. Looks like you are fighting against time not against Hunter/Monster.
  3. 1vs4 is cool but can end up in a team of 4 friends the poor newbie in the clothes of the monster (point 1 die in 5 minute)
  4. Not very easy to manage the monster on the console version
  5. Missed the feeling to “kill” someone/something and have a final chart to see if you are good or bad, the basic of the FPS is shoot here with only 1 monster (and some creatures) around to kill.

Other comments
Is it possible to have a match type with 5vs2? 5 Hunters and 2 monsters? will create more different situation and generate different tattics from the monster and from the Hunters side.

  1. Well I had the same problem with unskilled monster player. In the final versiob it should be ok because the matchmaking will be better and the monster players should equal your skill level.
  2. Put on paper it is like you said but things go often different way than like this
  3. Again matchmaking should solve that
  4. Dunno how is it on consoles but on the PC I didnt struggle that much so
  5. Evolve is about co-op so you might find that urge with your friends when you face stronger and stronger monster. That is the time when Evolve starts to be fun


Hi Cr0cDoc,

Thanks a lot for your comment, I really like the game but I face some possible problem about longevity and matchmaking.
You are right that you will play with and against your same level with in the final release but still when hunters block the monster @ the beginning the match is ended. I played like 30 match with the Goliath and I win few of them, ok I’m not skilled but as I said look like you are fight against time to evolve soon as possible…


The monster does not lose in 5 min unless he’s new.

If all 5 players are new ofcourse the monster loses because he requires more skill :smile:

After a few hours i never lost again as the monster and even won stage 1’s , maybe lost once or twice in total.


Hi Jena - when did you play? Was it early in the Big Alpha, or was it near the end? Quite possibly a lot of your matches were against teams or against those who had played a lot. Or, maybe you’re like me, a more casual gamer and don’t always pick up on the little things that make playing a monster easier at first.

I certainly lost a few matches early on as the monster, though never in 5 mins. I even lost a close one once as Goliath in Stage 3 (hangs head in shame - but OH what fun that match was!).

I think if you look at all the modes, all the possibilities, and not worry about winning/losing, but having fun, this game will excel for a long time. I can’t urge the community enough to not get hung up on winning/losing in this game, but just having a blast, encouraging one another and taking the game as it progresses. I truly believe the experience and ride will be tremendous! :smiley:


Hi VH,

I play @ the end since in the beginning I was not able to find a match (XBOX One version). You are right that we play to have fun but also winning and find a good strategy to win make you more happy :smile:. As I said I’m not a good player and because of work I cannot play a lot (in the heart I feel PRO :stuck_out_tongue: but in the reality I don’t have time to be PRO).
Level 3 I win all the match, once on level 2 I was so close but I made some mistake and I lost it, the problem is that the hunter found me often @ level 1 and is hard to kill them or run away.
I think the next alpha in January I will play more in the hunter side and maybe with some friends since for me this game can really be a revolution in the FPS concept.


Glad to hear you’re still interested. There is an art (skill?) to getting to Stage 2 untouched. For a causal gamer, like myself, I think this should always be our first goal - makes everything else much easier.

I recommend watching some of @MaddCow 's Goliath games; particularly the first 2 to 5 minutes of each one. I’m sure there are others as well, but these are well organized.

MaddCow’s Playlists on YouTube


I will definitely watch the video thanks a lot


Thanks for the recommendation. I found the first few games as a monster really exhilarating. Sweaty palms and everything :slight_smile:


I agree that a good tactic as a new monster is try to get to stage 2 as fast/stealthy as you can. This puts you on a good playing field with the hunters. Once you’re more experienced, then you can deviate and see if you prefer to be less stealthy, engage earlier etc… Hope my videos help you out :slight_smile:


Not at all - your playlists are A - getting me through the next 2 months, and B - getting me through some boring lunches/work days :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it was just a luck but from my 5 games as the monster I was never caught because I have increased distance thanks to water and then sneaked all around the map and I did get to Stage 3 always with no damage to my health at all so I would recommend you this tactic.

  1. There’s no substitute for skill. A more highly skilled team/side has better odds against inexperienced players. This cannot be helped; matchmaking algorithms will attempt their best to keep similarly skilled players against each other, but there is no de facto 100% accurate process out there.
  1. Tactically, time is the Hunter’s worst enemy. Hunter capability does not evolve as the game progresses. As such, Monsters start out at a tactical disadvantage. It is through evolution that the Monster can gain the upper hand. But this does not mean that the monster must always run and hide until they are Stage 3. Sometimes, you can make opportunistic attacks on the Hunters to turn the tides,and getting strategic strikes on the Hunters can make later battles much easier. Strategy involves knowing when to attack and flee
  1. Coordination can only go so far. Just because you talk does not mean you’re a good team. Skill and experience (which again, the matchmaker attempts to equalize on both sides) will be at play. In the event you run a custom game with 4 skilled players and find 1 in-experienced monster player, yes, they lose, and they lose hard, and if that’s enjoyable for you, more power to ya. But after a while, you’ll want to ensure you have a valid challenge rather than someone you can roll over each time.
  1. I couldn’t tell you; I’m a PC gamer.
  1. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. If you’re looking for a KDR ratio, it’s a less important stat. Evolve is objective-based play, and as a team in the Hunter pack or as a Monster, your value is completing objectives rather than buffing your W/L or KDR statistics.

As an aside, I think the game has a lot of finely balanced aspects that would scale better from 4v1 to 8v2 than it would if you went to 5v2. Balance is a tough thing to achieve, and I think TRS has started off rather well.


I was watching @MaddCow 's Evolve footage ((as well as Alien Isolation). It’s amazing how often he drops religious swears:

“God Dammit!” “Holy Shit!”, lol. Loved the Alien Isolation Debacle with the Flashlight Batteries. Yeah, Madd, they should not just flash the batteries “red” when you hit the toggle flashlight button, it should come up with the same introductory text message that says “Hold [button] to reload batteries”. But it was still kinda funny to watch :slight_smile:


Haha, for some reason I had a LOT of swearing in my Alien: Isolation video compared to my other ones.


Finally I see the video on youtube and now I want to play the game :smile:
I understand some my mistake like for example try to kill and eat a big creature @ the first level :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries, lots of people playing the first time and make rookie mistakes. Its part of growing :slight_smile: Aside from maybe a perk, there is very little reason to engage in the large/hostile creatures. They make better allies than food.


Oh yes. In NE Corner of Fusion Plant is a nice big one, and while I find it easy to kill without losing health, it spawns (at least the 2 times I tried back to back) a pack of trapjaws. By the time you kill both, hunter are on you and game over!! Well, that was before I learned to juke by pretending to go off toward water, then sneaking back other way!


It’s fine to take on large monsters if you’re Kraken. None of those ground beats have an offense against you if you’re in flight. However, if you look at the amount of “meat” the large monsters give you (4 blocks I believe), it’s not worth your effort to attack them unless they have a perk you want.

Even Goli is fast enough that if he has ranged attacks at L1, he can eventually drop the thing; but it’s a lot of effort for minimal gain.


I did this a lot as well. That back Sloth area and fence area has LOTS of 3 meats. (Now 2 meats).