4th Tier Hunters

Which is why video games initially cost 60-80 dollars.

The try before you buy thing I havent seen anywhere. Im guessing you’re referring to new hunters and monsters. If this is the case can you confirm where it was said?

That covered the cost of the production of the base game, all the DLC sales will pay for development after the game shipped.

Think of it like an expansion that you pay for parts of piecemeal while other parts, namely maps and modes, are free.

Of course you don’t have to be, you’re welcome to your opinion.

You made me smile about that one. ^.-

You should only pay for what you want. If you want to play the monster bad enough to buy the monster, then it’s not a terrible price. It’s not great, but it’s not ridiculous to the point of people not buying it. If they wanted $40 for each monster, no one would buy it. They found a number that some people would be fine about paying for a new monster, and one some people just don’t like, but might still buy it eventually. It’s actually a pretty good number for a business if you think about it.

Yeah, we know the prices. We’re just discussing the prices of the characters, and whether or not they are fair. It’s just a bunch of opinions in the end, but it’s still an interesting conversation.


New? Go look at tabletop games.

People have to put a SIGNIFICANT (I had to spend $160 to afford the smallest point total commonly played, 25 points in Warmachine) investment into these games. And yet you’re not on those forums bemoaning the “New” state of money worth.

A single unit in Warmachine can cost $140 (Prime Axiom), does that make it a ripoff? Should people not buy it? Because: They. Do.

On the other hand, I spent $75 on Evolve (Got a discount on Monster Race) and can now play it. $15 dollars for a new play style is chump change compared to the majority of tabletop games.

As to the Car metaphor, you are incorrect. It is more like buying a car with stock seats, and then these new colorful racing seats come out. You’re not entitled to those seats, and while they could have made the new car come with those seats, they won’t. You have to buy that different experience.


Sure! No problem.

Under the Regarding DLC section, 5th paragraph down.

Same thig for some of the Pathfinder things you need to buy. Its like D&D but more strict so you can essentially play your character in anyone’s game

You shouldn’t be ok with the pricing if you have used your own mind to decide whether it’s worth it, that’s your choice. The issue here is implying there’s something wrong with other feeling it’s worth it…entertainment is a relative subject, if something won’t fulfill your entertainment needs for X price then don’t buy it.

There’s really nothing sensible to be said beyond that.

so excited for the new support
i already have 2 of the supports elited and working on bucket
(though its kind of difficult because hes pretty meh in hunt compared to the other 2 supports so i feel guilty for picking him)

Weird, Bucket is the one I’m eliting easiest of the lot :wink:

Support is also my fav class, interested in seeing what 4th Tier has up here robo-sleeve^_^

Does it seem to anyone else that class popularity goes something like Support> Trapper> Medic> Assault?

I really wish we had first month or just some post release data on that @Macman

The only problem I see is that its essentially like any other game that introduces new characters. Youll have to download a compatability patch which puts the data onto your system which will allow you to play with/against people with these said characters. I know back in BL2 there were people complaining because it essentially gave you the character, but you’d have to pay to unlock it, but thats a WHOLE 'nother story lol.

Seems like youll get to try out how they work as enemies, but not test them out before you buy them.

$7.50 per

Do like me and wait on a sale after you well know which ones you actually want

You can set up solo games to try them out against bots, you can select them to be on your team, then hotswap in to them to try them out. I imagine some people will work out ways to do custom games where people choose DLC characters, disconnect so you can hotswap in and then get reinvited in to the game. Maybe that won’t work with the rejoining player taking back over the character they were in before they dropped…You can also join games that are already in progress and take over the character that happens to be DLC, by chance.

Monsters are different, you can only get in to a DLC monster by chance if you join a game already in progress with no player in the monster.

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I thought about the hotswapping thing but the fact that the quote mentioned opponents specificly worried me about making an assumption.

As far as joining a game and taking over the character though, it might not be possible. I know a lot of games use to make you join games that had the same content as you so you couldnt do something like that. Think back to the old FPS days where if a specific map popped up that you didnt have it would just kick you.

Im sure however this kind of practice isnt around as much since there are specific hoppers for new content usually or as I said before, the compatibility patches allow it (Think back to DLC weapons in COD and the like)

Either way itll be nice to see the tactics that the AI uses

[quote=“EndoveProduct, post:89, topic:45980”]
I’m fine with spending the initial 60-80 dollars on it. But all this extra DLC and with it all being so overpriced…that’s what ticks me off.
[/quote] If you think that the french fries are too pricey don’t but them… just enjoy your yummy burger.

But I bought a meal. I shouldnt have to pay another 15 dollars for the fries I want after spending 70 on the burger :slight_smile:

Well in this case, you just bought the burger and the fries are a side, and maybe a drink IF YOU WANT.
keyword want

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You bought a meal, burger, fries and a drink, now you’re complaining that the mcflurry you want isn’t cheaper because you’ve bought a meal already.

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There is no point to complain, that “mcflurry” isnt part of the “meal” so there is no reason it should be any lower price