4th Tier hunters?


Hello everyone!

I have a quick question about the 4th tier hunters. Has their been any reports or rumors of when they will be release? Or even when any information about them be unveiled to the public?


We’re all desperate for info but nothing has been shown except the silhouettes I believe


All of them joined after the fall of shear, so they’re not as experienced as the rest. I think Matt said it on another thread.


This and we have only seen their silhouettes. Also one has a bird.


Thanks everyone for replying. Hopefully we at least hear something from them about the 4th tier hunters. Also another small question, I heard their were two more hunters after the 4th tier. Any word of that being true?


There is very likely tier 5 in early development.


That means there is a tier 5, but from tier 5 you get only 2 hunters for free.