4th Tier Hunters Locked (XB1)


So I bought the digital deluxe edition and I just installed the update however the character’s still show up locked on my screen. I even tried to re-purchase the season pass from the in-game store however it said it was already purchased and if I wanted to install it. I click that and all it did was take me back to the screen that said it was installed (the manage screen). Anyone have any ideas on what to do?


Do you have 1 star in all skills of the corresponding T3 monster / hunters?
It’s required to unlock the next tier.


Its a bug Xbox users cant play with them


Seeing as I have all medics and assaults elite I do suppose that I should at least have those two.


Ok yeah that’s what I thought thanks


Wasn’t it said that all DLC characters do not have to be unlocked?


This is correct. DLC Hunters and Monsters should be unlocked straight away once you buy them.


Either way, we should all probably submit bug tickets on 2k’s support page


Already done


Since they were announced to be released on the 31st it’s possible that they are locked until tomorrow so I guess you can wait till then and see if they are still locked. (but I’ve just heard about them going live so I don’t know if people are already playing them on xbox right now.)


yeah theres a possibility that they just forgot to hit unlock for xbox users. It is still somewhat early in the day so give it time and im sure more xbox players will hopefully hit the threads and let devs know


Any chance of an official response?


@SlabOMeat @MacMan @DamJess Can we get any official word on this, like when it will be fixed, whos to blame,why it happened?


Same here, I can play against tier 4 and Behemoth but not AS them. The new maps are up though.


Noone on Xbone can, only a few lucky to take over a behemoth bot


I Got that chance lol


repeat of tha beta


This is if you didn’t prepurchase any new characters


Faceplam purchasing is not the problem, I preordered digital deluxe and can see the T4 hunters, and get redirected to the shop then it says I already own them


@AggroDragon Can you make a video clip of this issue?

EDIT: Try playing them in Custom Evac mode.