4th Of July Themed Skin?

Would any like to get a free 4th of july hunter or monster skin,
And if u would,what kinda skin.


Goliath skin that makes firebreath look like a sparkler
Kraken wearing Abe Lincoln’s top hat
Wraith skin that makes warp blast explode with fireworks
Behemoth skin that makes rock wall a giant american flag


Pretty sure @Azmi_Anuar did a stars n stripes kraken but I aint entirely sure if that was actually him who made it or not

Not Murican’ but close enough.

#####Monster skins I have made in SFM are :point_right: POSTED HERE :point_left: if you want to check them out.

I am currently looking for Goliath, Kraken and (Titanfall)Titan models for Source Film Maker, if you know where I can download them or anyone working on them please be kind enough to let me know. Thank you.


Holy misleading title, man.

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I need to learn to do that, I’d love a horde logo Behemoth

Maybe I should change the title and put it in suggestions xD

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A Murica skin :smiley:


I don’t want an America skin. (Though I think dressing Daisy up like a canada goose would be funny)

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