4th hunter silhouette correct order?


normally the hunter silhouettes go in order like this : Medic Support Trapper Assault is that how the 4th hunter outline goes or is it different because where the trapper should go there is a burly person and where assault goes a scrawny figure stands is this intentional is it the correct order?


The order is clarified on the back on the Evolve Manual advertising the DLC Hunter Pack. The bird man character is indeed the Trapper, the bulky supposedly robot character is Assault (when I studied this closer it definitely seems he’s got short cropped hair- another Male Assault :frowning: Then the Support is the female looking one with dreadlock style hair with what looks like a shotgun in holster and the final one (yet another female Medic) has the typical dragonfly type wings most medics have. On my manual I can see small spikes covering her body which I was thinking could mean she’s alien- I heard the Val and Hyde once talking about being involved in the MutaGen wars where they fought humans who had spliced their DNA with insects… if the Medic is a specimen from the other side that would be freaking awesome.


This. Left to right is Support, Medic, Assault and Trapper. One thing though-

Could be a woman with short hair.


Oh trust me I am soooo hoping it is. Plus a badass butch assault woman with cropped short hair is just the kind of female character we need. Val and Caira are way too similar in design. Maggie is still pretty cool and I guess Daisy is too if you can count her as one :stuck_out_tongue:


I suppose you could count them as one.

She needs claw-mark designs in her hair. So badass…


I would definitely like to have a female support and assault character. I was talking with friends about having an alien/mutant hunter so it’s good to see like-minded people here.


Don’t quote me on that but I think @MacMan said that there won’t be any non human hunters.

But that’s the thing with mutants. Are they human or not…?

Edit: a female assault… Yeah, something like the big badass woman from the military cafeteria. And please give us a red riding hood skin with a big bad wolf Goliath. Would be awesome!


I think bucket would disagree with you there

Also since the assualt class has the red colouring, does that mean we would see Markov/Hyde/Parnell/The future assualts as Red riding hood(s)?


Why do you assume Daisy is a girl?


Medic looks male to me. He just seems to have that non elegant guy stance…


Could you please drop the “yet another male/female” comments. Males have and do and will always be the majority in more physically grueling and demanding roles. It’s how their biology is, and it is efficient to put the bulky heavy assault stuff on them.


Her name, in-game dialog, and the website:


I think what you’re referring to is realism in a game where if you’re eaten by a monster, you come back on a drop-ship 2 minutes later. I don’t think it really matters. A female character assault would just be breath of fresh air compared to macho characters like Markov, Hyde and Parnell. A female assault could wear an Exo-suit like Rita in Edge of Tomorrow that bulks her up yet still allows good stamina and movement speed. But again, we’re talking about realism in a VIDEO GAME.


Realism for game mechanics vs concepts are separate. Just because there isn’t a female assault doesn’t mean people should start getting anxious and paranoid, enough so that we NEED to see females in every role just so we can sleep at night. That is not psychologically healthy.


Don’t quote me on that but I think @MacMan said that there won’t be any non human hunters.

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Oh boy… you went and said it now lol.


I want to know the progress of the hunter vs Behemoth.


can I see the pic please?


Nobody cares to that extent. It would just be nice to see one. You know, gender equality and all that.

Also, a woman and a man put through the same training/health regime will be far closer in terms of strength or endurance than you think.


I wouldn’t be too sure. Look at the shoulder to hip ratio. It looks male, slim but male. Similar build to Lazarus.