4K resolution ui scaling



At 4k resolutions it looks like the UI is not scaling up properly resulting in the chat/HUD icons being tiny.

As a deaf player the text chat and banter is quite useful to me and it doesn’t help I have to strain my eyes to read tiny text.


I understand. Right now, the UI is always presented at 1:1 source pixels to screen pixels, no scaling. We realized recently that it’s too small to read at 4K. We haven’t had time to act on it yet. Right now the only workaround is to use a lower resolution, sorry.


Thanks for the reply at least! I’ll go down to 1080 for the time being but hopefully we’ll be able to play with all them pixels someday :slight_smile:


Yeah, already reported this.


Well, the more people who say they need it, the more of a priority that task becomes I guess. :slight_smile:


I hope that you won’t base scaling on resolution.


Personally I think there should be an optional scaling multiplier for the HUD. But I’m not going to be the one implementing it, so the details are best decided by someone else.


I meant that what really matters in this case is PPI, not resolution. 4k on 42" won’t look any better than 1080p on 23". Even 1440p on 27" looks worse despite of higher resolution. So if you set bigger UI for 4k, it will look how huge on big displays.


No point in us considering monitor size, when we don’t know how far you’re sitting from the monitor. Just make it an option.