4k displays aren't properly supported


I’ve decided to create a new topic about this.

It has been said previously that Evolve would support 4k displays out of the box, but I challenge this. Right now, the game is downright ugly and difficult to play on a 4k display. Even NVidia’s GeForce Experience tool recommends you to stay in 1080p instead of going to 4k. As a comparison, if you select Far Cry 4 in the same tool, it recommends you to go to 4k. And with reasons.

The main difference between Evolve and Far Cry 4 is UI scaling. If you run Far Cry 4 in 4k, you get the same exact gaming experience as if you were running in 1080p on the same screen, except with more pixels for everything. But with Evolve, the game doesn’t care about the actual rendering resolution, and most of the UI will be shrunk down. For example, playing monster, the HP and shield bar at the top is half the size; but properly positioned on top of the screen. The levelling ring will still be roughly in the middle, but will also be shrunk down. During cutscenes, text subtitles is also shrunk down, and in a weird awkward position near the middle of the screen. And most importantly, the HP bars and the players names will also be shrunk down, effectively making them unreadable, which severely degrades the playing experience.

So, please add a UI scaling option to alleviate that problem, or at least, scale the UI properly so that it has the same ratio whatever the resolution is.