48 Hour Charity Stream in Aide of Special Effect


Hi All

On April the 3rd 2015 My Self and a few good friends will be playing and streaming Evolve for 48 hours in aide
of Special effect.

I will also be hosting an Evolve Tournament with a £50 prize pool to help get the word out about Special effect and reach my fundraising goal of £1000

Tournament Link: http://challonge.com/SpecialEffectEvolve
The Stream will begin at 10am GMT
The Stream will be located on my channel: twitch.tv/BoldElf
The Events Facebook page can be located here: facebook.com/events/883871761643622/
Twitters:@Bold_Elf @SpecialEffect
Please visit specialeffect.org.uk/ for more information on what they do.This is for a very good cause so please spread the word, dig deep
and donate now.

£50 Special Effect Evolve group finder

may you tell us which platform the tourney will be on?


It will be on PC thanks for asking I will update that on the site :smile:



This is my favourite charity of all time, I would totally be happy and on board to watch you all stream the game and donate also!

I’m so glad this game will be involved with Special Effect! I’m rooting for you! :smile:

Oh yes and if I may, I would like to enter the tourney also! Might have to book time off work for it but hopefully I can enter, if possible! :smiley:

EDIT: Oh wait, you said PC! Oh darn, I’ll be on the Xbox One. Either way, best of luck to you all!


Great to see some more tourneys being made


@SlinkyGuy Thanks for the support :slight_smile: sorry I wont be playing on the xbox one XD but I really appreciate the enthusiasm and support especially since I only posted it all yesterday its a great feeling :slight_smile: Thanks for the luck :stuck_out_tongue: I have a feeling I will hit my goal this year :smiley:

And to anyone who is reading this the tournament is free entry to anyone you just need a team of 5 and to sign up and register for the event which is also free :smile:

I might post another thread a bit closer to the time for people who are looking to make a five so then we can get more people socializing on the game and get them in the event as isn’t that a huge part of gaming making friends with people in the hope of killing monsters :stuck_out_tongue: or Hunters :wink: lol

@Puggerugger Thanks dude :slight_smile: just need to wait for the brackets to fill up now its gonna be mint :smiley:

if you guys could let your friends know and spread the word that would be great again thanks all :slight_smile:


We have our 1st team signed up Team Tyrant @Puggerugger you guys get 1st priority at a bye due to signing up first :slight_smile: thanks for signing up :smiley:


No problem, I hope you can get enough teams.


I think we will hopefully Turtle rock are going to mention it :slight_smile:


It was brought to my attention that sign up for my tournament was closed when it shouldn’t close until the event is on :confused: so could have been about a week of people trying to sign up only to be told they can’t :confused: I have fixed it now but that’s rather annoying http://challonge.com/SpecialEffectEvolve

Please let me know if this ever happens again as I said it shouldn’t close until check in begins on the day (4th of april 2015)


Hi all we have 2 teams confirmed now but still need a lot more for the tournament so if you could let everyone know that would be great :slight_smile: also and I will probably have to post another topic for this but does anyone know if there will be an observer mode and if you will be able to make custom games with modes other than hunt and with level selection? :slight_smile:


Not long left now until the event and tournament and the new hunters and monster come out just before it :smiley: its going to be awesome :smiley:


2 More days :slight_smile: till the tournament and 1 till the event :slight_smile:


It Begins http://www.twitch.tv/boldelf