43rd Annual Annie Awards


Evolve Character Animator David Gibson @PoodleTime was nominated for an Annie Award for his work on Daisy, Goliath and Kraken!

http://annieawards.org/nominees/#40 <------- click me

Congratulations to David and the rest of the studio!
I personally think you have this one in the bag :wink:

In case you guys have missed this video of David’s I posted here on the forums about 8 months ago, here it is again.

AHHH another animator peers work! David Gibsons Evolve Animation demo Reel!

Woot woot! Good Luck Mr.Gibson!



If he doesn’t win, this is all DAISY’S FAULT!!! Always sniffing in the wrong direction, and-and, stopping to eat Glaciopod poop. She’s no team player.




I really hope he wins as he really does deserve it. Best of luck, I have my fingers crossed for you david. :smiley:


Watch it live!