427 Hours Gameplay In, My First Cheat

Depressed mood at the moment. Been playing this game since launch and have amassed 427 hours so far - love the game and will most likely be playing for a long time to come - and now at last I get my first encounter with someone cheating. Guess I’ve been lucky, or something, so far - have read other forumites mentioning cases of their own, but nothing myself until today.

Hunt 2.0 - First game: first time that a dome gets raised while the Trapper says the red-pings are coming up showing he’s at 50m away - Monster must have just turned hard to one side and traversed just beyond the wall’s reach. The pinger saw it at an angle as the dome-wall came up and thought nothing of it. Then the second time that match - multiple Hunters, inc. Trapper this time, have eyes on. He’s inside the blue-wall of where the Dome will land if raised - and mysteriously seems to vanish onto the other side of it the moment it goes up. Some kind of lag, we think it must be - though that’s strange, since he has a perfectly normal ping (40-something ms) and so does everyone else (highest ping is 120-something ms). Match comes to an end.

Same team gets match-made with the same guy again next match. This time, eyes-on while his Kraken is flying away - happens again. He’s inside, Dome goes up, and - out. Five minutes later we have him once more - and this time all four of us are on the ground, and so is the Monster, and we’re standing 30m away from him, in full-view. Dome goes up - ZAP - disappears instantly, like a magician in a puff of smoke.

Pieces fit together in our heads. He’s using some kind of script that auto-teleports him outside of the Dome when he’s caught in one. He wasn’t even trying to conceal it that fourth time - he wanted us to see. And the match is over and we point out what he’s done, and he can’t hide the cheesy grin he’s wearing from his voice, from ear to ear.

I’m aware I can’t reveal his name - naming and shaming is not forum policy - and I don’t record my matches, so I have no proof beyond the word of the Hunter team-members. I just wish like Hell one of us had thought to start, but by the time we became suspicious it was too late.

Sympathy, please, community.

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This is kind of disturbing, and an INCREDIBLY aggravating cheat.

Were you able to get any video or pictures of this? Not doubting it happened (cheaters always pop up sooner or later) just helps the devs fix this kind of thing.


Get his steam ID and send a message to 2K support. That’s all you can do.


No recordings. And pictures couldn’t prove anything - it’s just a matter of it standing there, then Phwoop!, gone.

Thanks for the report, guys. Yes, please take TW’s suggestion of reporting to 2k. We will also try to detect the cheat, if possible. If your teammates have any other observations to make, please ask them to chime in here too.


Ah this has happened to me before too! I didn’t think anything of it because it was a pub ranked hunt and I just figured I got paired with people with high ping…
Damn had I known then I would have recorded and do my best to help…I’ll be sure to keep an eye out and do my part

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Ive also seen 2 guys teleporting around yesterday. i used my vortex on the medic and made him tumble into one direction and suddenly he pops away and was 60 meters away in the opposit site while 1 second before he was using his healburst and just used his healing nades on himself.

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Five days later, Hunt 2.0, witnessed another, different player doing this. Only the once, and I was not Trapper, but the Monster (Kraken) was visible to everyone and was clearly a full 20m inside the circumference of the Mobile Arena dome as it formed - and then was instantly outside of it. Everyone’s ping was normal - no lag - no signs anything else was wrong.

Everyone on the Hunter team was baffled by what had happened, except for me, having seen this five days previously.

If there is some kind of auto-teleportation-out-of-Dome script available, it may have begun doing the rounds as people try it out.

Master PC race = cheaters. So that’s how it works eh? Hahahahah

Thats not entirely how it works.


I faced a monster on the PS4 that I’m pretty sure had a lag switch a few months back. we were all around 50ms and he was working smoothly no lag at all and as soon as the dome got thrown he would get super choppy and start lagging all over the place. Sometimes he would lag right out of the dome even after he was in it for a good ten seconds or more. Soon as he escaped or the dome dropped BOOM, no lag anymore.

Sad thing is we still beat him.