40 minute mark


I was always led to believe that once a match gets to the 40 minute mark, the match would end in a draw or a loss for both parties. I recently found out this wasn’t the case. I imagine this is a bug, because who in their right mind would think hunters deserve a win after not being able to kill the monster for 40 minutes in a row?

Discussion on monster losing when the time is up

it’s not a bug it’s made to pressure the monster


Any time beyond 20mins the Hunters win if the Monster doesn’t engage in a fight, or start attacking the relay. It’s just how it is.


Monsters can outrun hunters, it only makes sense that the reason the match is taking so long is that the monster is avoiding the fight, its not fair that if the monster keeps running the hunters who are working hard lose or dont get the win


You came out of the shadows! Where have you been?

And yes, it doesn’t make much sense to make the Hunters lose for the Monster not fighting.


Feel free to do that, I don’t know how to do it.

Yes, but there’s a hard limit set for 40 minutes, it cannot go beyond that. That’s the maximum of allocated time for any match. Like I said, I’ve seen multiple state that such games would either end in a loss for both parties, or a draw. It didn’t end in either of that, nor do I think the hunters should be rewarded for not being able to kill a monster for 40 minutes (the timer didn’t hit zero the entire time, just so you know)


I sadly can’t crop the photo for you.


There’s no negative energy around the picture anyway. It’s not like I’m complaining about behavioural issues, or calling anyone out. I’m literally just saying that this 40 minute mark thing should be treated as a bug. The timer never hit 0:00, so by any and all means either the match should still go on or both parties should get punished; this didn’t happen and thus I think it’s a bug that requires dev attention.


Well it’s not a bug, the game is doing what it’s supposed to do. Would I be OK with it making the game a tie? Yes, but this doesn’t make it a bug.


I’ve just been so busy, its been months since I’ve even visited the forums, but I’m back, and I’m back to loving the game again


The game can’t tell the difference between the Hunters not doing enough damage and the Monster playing mitigation style for 40 minutes. Imagine a Wraith just spamming decoy and hiding; the Hunters wouldn’t want to chase her and throw a bad dome, so they just have to wait.

Frankly, I wish the hard cap was 25 and the Hunters would win; a 40 minute game sounds like torture.


Let’s be honest. Saying we “weren’t able to kill you” should be nuanced by the fact that you weren’t able to kill us with a stage 3 kraken either. And as said by the other commenters, it’s made to pressure the monster into a fight. You didn’t so sadly you lost.


This exactly.


So you’ve been in a 40 minute match before and know this?


Yeah, I know. Had a Behemoth go FT3 on us. Didn’t even engage till the 19min mark.


I’m glad to hear that! :smiley:

Indeed. And if the timer gets to 0:00, the monster will lose because evidenty they failed. However when the timer never hits that 0:00 mark, that’s a clear indication of something being broken.


Sounds like a fun match, but FT3 and not engaging and still getting to that 40 minute mark… Sorry, but I’m sceptical here. Have you got proof of this? :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, what exactly happened that allowed it to take so long? Also what was the Hunter comp?


Torvald, Bucket, Abe, Laz. I’m not sure if I should say what happened that allowed this, since it could put people into a negative spotlight.


No, I don’t. I deleted most of my videos on my PS4 for upcoming titles. The guy basically attacked every 15 seconds or so. I wasn’t the trapper in this scenario, so every time he did this he’d get domed. Then he’d run around the dome until it went down. He continued this cycle till time ran out.