4 reasons why this game can not be played


1.) When playing with a friend, game dropped him with the message "The lobby is full."
2.) When all is “Medic” and I “Assault”, guess who play for a monster? Yes, I’m.
3.) Rating in the game are not searched matches.
4.) The average waiting time of the game, “1 hour”


Hello! I just wanted to respond to your points.

1 - The devs are aware and a fix is in the works.
2 - Whenever possible the game wants a Human controlled Monster (I believe this is still true)
3 - I don’t understand this one. Can you clarify?
4 - What region are you in? I rarely have to wait more than a few seconds.

If you do have more bugs to share, please feel free to create additional topics for them!


I feel i must add to #4. Im in Western Europe and i have had multiple occurrences where i am sitting in front of a full lobby but the Search bar continues to spiral. not sure if my net or if its regional.


This is good information for the devs. I, personally, haven’t seen this posted here yet.


Russia, game searching really long.

  1. u dont understand. If 4 Player want Medic and 1 player want “Assault” ,the game gives the fifth player a monster. this really stupid, because in assault playing guys, who want Medic.

  1. Yup that’s the bug and i think they are trying their best to fix it.
  2. True, because its no fun fighting an AI monster, same not like mmorpg, where people are fighting against same bosses again and again.
    This game is different, because the “boss” aka monsters are dynamic. They are NOT going to stand there and let you getting the free hit.

Seems you are a bit frustrated playing monster, its either -

  • you are a bad monster player or,
  • you are a die hard hunter/ or assault player

The only thing bout matchmaking TRS need to fix is those who queue as premade 4 players which turns out one of them being selected as the monster. Its really awkward where one of your friend ( might be sitting just beside you ) is your opponent. :sweat_smile:

  1. I’m not quite sure what does that mean. Do you mean that you are not “matched” with same level players as you thought it would ?

  2. Average waiting time for me <30secs. Even faster than overwatch. One hour waiting time was few months back.

There is not way that the game is unplayable because of the reasons you mentioned above.

We are here to help, feel free to ask. :grinning:


The fully lobby issue you are seeing where you have 4 other players found but it wont go anywhere is a known issue. We have a fix in test right now that we hope to get to you all soon.

Can't connect to any game whatsoever

When you say 4 players want medic and 1 wants assault, you just see their first choices. The game tries to assign a role depending on their class preference order i think.

For example, if your preference order is

Player 1: Assault, Monster, Medic, Sup, Trapper
Player 2: Medic, Assault, Sup, Trapper, Monster
Player 3: Medic, Assault, Trapper, Sup, Monster
Player 4: Medic, Sup, Assault, Trapper, Monster
Player 4: Medic, Trapper, Sup, Assault, Monster

In this case, player 1 will be the monster, because monster is his second prefferance.

This is a very simple case, not sure it’s your case, but what i’m trying to point out is that when you set up your preference, it’s not only the first pick that counts, but also the rest of the picks. Make sure Monster is your last preference and hope for the best. Even like this, if all players have monster last for example, somebody STILL has to be the monster, and in some rare cases, it will be you.


In that case, when this happens, exit all the way to the main menu, and go back into search. Its happened to me quite a bit, but normally (not always) this helps.


Exactly what above said. Back to the main menu and click “play” again so it connects you to the server. Sometimes it might show you that it found players but nothing happens, this is a bug as well.


Player 1(Friend): Assault, Medic, Sup, Trapper, Monster
Player 2(Me): Medic, Assault, Monster, Sup, Trapper
Player 3: Medic, Assault, Trapper, Sup, Monster
Player 4: Medic, Sup, Assault, Trapper, Monster
Player 5: Medic, Sup, Assault, Trapper, Monster

and guess who play for a monster? Yes, my friend. And we must exit game, and search game again.