4 random people in the lobby ( 3+me) Game still decides to give me monster which is my 5th pick........ wat


Okay, it’s official, the devs are just messing with us now.

Game was over, and we were in the after-game lobby with the heatmap. 1 guy leaves, now we are 4.

Map loads, character selection comes up, thank god, with 4 people I should be safe from being the monster.


How can there be 4 people in the lobby and i still have to be my 5th pick?

Come on Turtle Rock, you can do better than this.


Careful with the language. As for matchmaking I’m pretty sure it would rather have 25% of the Hunters be an AI as oposed to 100% of the Monster. So someone needed to be the monster.


Not always the case. I had a case where my top three preferences were: 1) Assault, 2) Monster, 3) Medic. After a full match ended all but me and one other player left (they left before the game started loading the lobby for the next match). When we entered the lobby for the next match I was placed as the medic and the other player was the assault.

With the monster being my #2 pick I should have been placed as the monster but I was not. I think the preference system is broken.


you know those 3 could be in a party together which means they can’t be monster (well normally save for other parties combining (party of 2 and party of 3).


Quite simple, maybe they were in a party, people in a party can’t be the monster. Which means that you were the odd man out and got monster between whomever wasn’t in the party.


I’m really sick of this matchmaking system too. First days it was fine for me to play the monster.
Days pass through and I’m still playing as the monster in 4v1. I have monster on my 5th place… but all, all, all and entirely all games I try to play in PS4 I’m kicked in the silly monster place.
For God’s sake, I want to play as hunter… Yes, we could go and play on cooperative but it is far boring than playing with another gamer controlling the monster…
Many times when entering a started game (yaaaiii…) I’m placed as hunter (yeeessss!!!). When actual game is finished, some guy fly away and enter a new one in the lobby (lucky bast…- cool person!) I think: “well I was playing as hunter, this new guy may take place of the last one as the monster…” Guess what? Yesssshhh, I’m changed as monster and the new guy as a hunter…

This is happening SO often… So much often that really rages me on. Why, if I have 4 hunters before monster in my rol preference I’m always forced to play as the freaking monster? Why do the matchmaking on a created lobby with no new loading, changes me and never my mates to the monster side?

I’m always referring to Evacuation mode… So strange to be changed all the times when supposedly on evacuation all people play the same rol till the end of it.

These tiny significant bug/error/issue is really making me go nuts for Evolve and really not enjoying to play on it…
Sometimes I’ll just rip it off my PS4, throw it through my 6th floor window and toss a 2 tons Goliath-rock to it. Oh… wait!


3 ppl in lobby, including myself. monster is my 5th choice, support is 1st. i get monster while support and trapper arr left empty, that’s bs.

then other case, monster is my 5th choice, i get into a game that is full, as monster? oh, and when i try to leave it says i’ll get penalized

obviously system is faulty


Agreed. I’m so tired of being forced into it. Sometimes I give it a go, other times I just leave and re-queue twenty times in hopes for a game where I can be a hunter. Followed by me quitting the game in frustration and opening a game that lets me play what I want.

This has to be fixed. A lot of people are not going to stick around if it is not.


I wonder, I was playing a lobby with some PUBS (why do people call them PUGS?) and it was just 3 of us. I had Trapper as my first and on 2 games I got it but on the last one I played I got monster (my 5th).

The matchmaking seemed to rotate the 3 of us to monster and leave 2 of the other spots open. If I remember correctly I believe I had Trapper, the next guy had Medic and the final guy Support. In the matches we played together we ALWAYS got the same role unless we were the monster. I wonder if the matchmaking attempts to fill the Monster Role with a human player over A.I.?


While I agree with your assessment, this could’ve been avoided if it was made like L4D2, where you selected what you wanted to be for the entire campaign. Some one already selected monster? Start your own game / join a different game. It’s not hard.

It’s a design flaw. And what Ralphfromdk(OP) is experiencing is frustration from being something he doesn’t want to play, and is told he can’t play because he’s in a 4 man group.

Personally, I wish you could play the monster in a 4 person group. Why the restriction? People ghosting to help the monster? I don’t understand. You would restrict other players who want to legitimately play the game for something griefers are doing? Either way, the entire “choose what role you want” system is flawed(although maybe not a bug) in this game, and if they could patch the game and fix it, that’d be great.


That is precisely why. Easy to throw games and grief. You can play with friends in custom, but they didn’t want custom games to have lobbies because it would split up a lot of the customer base. Not saying I agree/disagree mind you, just saying what they decisions were behind the method.


Pug refers to an, originally, online MMO term for “Pick Up Group”. It still works for games like this where you pick up random people and form a group.


Got it, thanks.


I mean, that was the only logical explanation to the decision, and it makes sense, I just don’t think it would’ve been that big of a problem. People don’t log on to grief often. If you have 3 friends against 1 of their own friends as a monster, they’re most likely going to just play the game, not grief. But that’s my opinion. It’s rough punishing the majority over the minority of griefers.


This simply doesn’t work, I often play with two or three people and we’re pretty frequently against each other, one of us being the monster, and the other ones with other random people from matchmaking. :confused:


People have been doing this since the Internet is around. If you spend $60 bucks on something it only encourages you to grief more to get your ‘jollies/money’ worth. It sucks that bad apples ruin a lot of good things, but that is life.


Here bro.


Have you tried starting up a party chat? Not sure how it works on PS4, but on X1 you cannot be monster if in party chat. I guess if all 5 people are in party chat it still has to pick someone though. Worth a shot.