4 New Hunters?


Today, IGN made a new video talking about Stage 2. By the end of it they mentioned that 4 new hunters will be coming in the next 2 months. New tier or just adaptations? Speculate away. Link: https://youtu.be/t59w8Jx0kRY


Adaptions is my guess


It’s adaptations, likely the ones shown at the bottom of this picture (Griffin, Caira, Abe, Parnell).



Ah yes, I forgot we got these.


Electro Griffin comes out in two weeks!

EDIT: For those of you who don’t have Griffin insta-unlocked, you can get Electro Griffin for FREE by signing into Evolve for 25 days in a row! He’s the last reward on the “punch card”



Someone grab an image if Electro Grif. He was shown on @GrizzleMarine and @MaddCow s streams.


That ign post had my hopes up. I am excited for Variation but I hate IGN for making me think there was a Tier 6.


That first one looks like Bucket judging by the arm alone.
Second one is Caira or EMET, most likely Caira, third looks like Abe with a bandana. Pirate Abe confirmed?
Last one is definitely Parnell.


If you go to http://evolveupdates.com/ and scroll down to the characters, when you mouse over the silhouettes, they are named with a short description for each. That’s how I knew who was who. :slight_smile:


Awesome! More stuff I don’t get to experience!


So the “tier 6” may be developed if Stage 2 is successful. <----- MacMan said that


I’m now strongly suspecting that “E Griffin” will be “Eccentric Griffin”


The only thing that slipped through on the twitch stream was that there will be a new hunter in 2 weeks.