4 monsters vs 1 hunter


4 locked stage one monsters locked armor values 2 vs one super boosted hunter , i laugh thinking about it but how would it work ?


good idea i would play it


The idea has been around for awhile. Its on several threads. Probably already has a thread lol.


Eh, Sunny alone could do it


Lennox is the obvious choice for pure defenestration!


4 mini monsters vs one un pouncable mutant sized hunter


i think it would be cool if they did crazy temporary game modes like this every so often .


Maybe if the hunter was Samus Aran.


“Too many Hunters in Que, try joining as Monster for shorter wait times.”


omgg i love it…guest hunters…oh i wish the game had that. What role would Samus Aran be?

oh oh she could be all of them!

i mean. it’s Samus!


Samus as Medic.
Rundas as Support.
Gandrayda as as Trapper.
Ghor as Assault.


yeah? i think if i had to choose, i see samus as a trapper or assault.

trapper…she has that x-ray vision and tractor beam.
assault…her arm cannon and charge beam

who are those other people?


Metroid Prime 3 characters.

Rundas is an alien who can manipulate ice. Ghor a robot, can merge with machines but it often leads to an aggressive personality change. Gandrayda is a shapeshifter.

Samus can track and do insane damage. XP


Only if Ridley gets to be a monster.


4 monsters versus 1 hunter?

…I’d say Emet as the hunter but he’s really just two people merged into one. lol

That said, that sounds laughably fun and insane.


Imagine what odds Emet would have for planting beacon with four monsters on the map ^^

And… sneak pounce!


the hunter would be able to sneak pounce the monsters!


It would be more fun if the hunter had to survive against 4 monsters for a certain time not having to kill them all because that would be almost impossible


It would be a horror game instead, lol.

Mammoth Bird : Isolation.


Or hunter would have to ally with mammoth birds. That would be far unfair for monsters though.

Or player controls Daisy so she needs to blend with other trapjaws to avoid being killed.