4 hour penatly for steam dc

Hello folks,

I was enjoing some hunt 2.0 with 3 of my friends and we picked our characters in the lobby. When I landed on the evolve titlescreen with the common message steam would be apparently offline.

One click later i rejoind my group which got kicked out of the lobby because the lobby closes if someone left.
The point is: i became a penalty for 14.000+ seconds, this steam dc is really common among many players and happends me also from time to time.

Now my friends cant play evolve with me for the next 4 hours and work on our badges.

I´m for punishment due quitters but please make them realistic, i feel really tricked because i payed 100 bucks on this game and its not the first time, even the second time today.

Reduce those penalty times or invent some rematchbutton or other fancy stuff to counter such cases, i cant be the only one.

Yup I’m having the same horrible DCs, they’re basically punishing us big time for something that’s totally not in our hands

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Happens to me as well so you are not the only one.

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sure you can rejoin while a match is running but you cant do anything about it while in a lobby.

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Same here, it stinks :confused:

And on Xbox when you try to join back it says your already in the game you tried to join.

I haven’t run into this, but the day I get a 4 hour penalty for a disconnect is the day I stop playing this game.

Hopefully this is fixed ASAP

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