£4 for a green ammo counter on a gun? Jog on mate


Been looking at all of the cosmetic DLC . Safe to say I would at least like TRS or 2K to buy me a drink before having my pants down and giving me an unsatisfactory enema . At least don’t pretend that you didn’t remove the skins so you could sell them back to us. Its a rip off lets call it what it is and move on.


What is the difference between an unsatisfactory and a satisfactory enema?


Usually the drinks bought before hand or the sweet nothings whispered in your ear during :wink:


In LA we have coffee enemas.


I’ve asked this many times and I got the same answer every time, but I’ll ask it again: Why is selling cosmetic DLC so terrible? Evolve definitely isn’t the first paid game to do this, yet Evolve seems to get a lot more shit about it than other games do.


Please do feel free to move on.


It essentially boils down to the removal of finished assets in order to sell them back. Remember when you could buy a fighting game for example and unlock all the alternate costumes or select them from the beginning? These days those costumes would be held back and then sold to you as “extras” . Its not just Evolve many games do this and I disagree with it wherever it appears. Also im not a fan of coffee so is there a Yorkshire Tea Enema or something similar? :smiley:


So the same answer once again: “Other games didn’t charge for it so this game shouldn’t either.”

I’d agree if it was actual content being pulled from the game to sell as DLC, but for cosmetics I just dismiss it as “meh, then I won’t buy it.”
This is especially true for Evolve, where nobody will ever even notice that you’re using a skin if you play a hunter. People are literally saying “I must have this near invisible thing for free! This is a ripoff!” as if that green ammo counter is necessary in any way.


LA is into more health related teas. I am sure people are looking into Kombucha enemas.


They never said that the skins couldn’t be in the base game afaik. They said they weren’t made when the game went gold (exception for Magma/Savage/Exterminator), which is true, but it means they could’ve updated them right of the bat for free.

This was not worth it, as a cosmetics store is a pretty legit way to keep getting money from a released game. Which means they get the budget they need to deliver maps, gamemodes, fixes and balancing for free.


I adopt a similar approach to cosmetics . Its not something I need so I won’t buy it. Its the principle and the price that irks me. Day one DLC is not something I find endearing. Still thoroughly enjoying the game just not the publishers/developers business practices .


I am one of those people now looking into it.



Let see here… Most company’s release a DLC that disc locks content and unlocks it later calling it a expansion. Evolve is releasing new maps and modes totally free to the players but offers cosmetic skins which has zero impact on game play.

I think you should think about that before complaining.