4 Early YouTube Tutorials


TRS just released 4 tutorials on their YT channel. Here they are:
Kala Basic: https://youtu.be/0a_K_8-gQ70
Kala Advanced: https://youtu.be/ShMhb6UdIOw
EMET Basic: https://youtu.be/uMkuCMXdHJA
Gorgon Basic: https://youtu.be/65fSRglEwnM
I think these are the ones in game but you may have to check just incase they’re different in anyway.


awwww i wanted to make that Topic why im so slow xD


Get Ninja’d


I’m in the middle of creating a Topic with all the tutorials, their YT channel has them all but they’re just unlisted and I have the links for them.


Sick one! How’d you get them?


Here’s a link to the topic skills made. We can use that one as the main topic as it has all the tutorials in. :slight_smile: