4 Days to go...let me re-share my excitement with you! Crazyyyyy ending!


Hello peoples!

So i shared this weeks ago, people seemed to enjoy it - especially the final third. I really cannot wait to get my hands on the game again and make some more adrenaline fuelled madness.


If you like it and want to see more - please do subscribe. If not, tell me how it can improve :smile:


I was yelling at the screen, “Just…fucking…sneak already!”



LOL dropkick bro !


Hahaha aaw this on YouTube before, hilarious :smiley: Looking forward to seeing more when it comes out.


I want to hunt you now. I main Maggie by the way, was ranked #17 in Beta.


hahah by all means come and take a bite, but I’ll bite back with much bigger teeth :smiley:

Just kidding…I’m a pretty terrible monster but I have so much fun :smile:


The game is supposed the be fun. :wink:


Very true!! Feel free to add me on steam!

Choop Report :smile:


Your accent. Your freaking accent… That would be a WELCOME addition to any Evolve game! :smile:

Great video, @Choops. Poor S1 Goli had some cologne on that the wildlife just loved! You couldn’t catch a break. There was a time when you juked the hunter hit squad and then ran towards them (under the presumption I guess that you felt they saw you?) The point at which you ate your armor and then evolved, well, I’m sure you know it’s better now to do that the other way (Kill, evolve, quick meats nearby to get armor post-evolve). I think one of the general issues is that when you disengaged, you didn’t get quite enough distance before looking for armor. But nonetheless, that was a great comeback!

And a great name, too. When you do well, You’re SoopaChoops! And whenever you mess up, you’re OopsChoops!


Win or lose this game is one of the few I have fun either way. I look forward to meeting you all in gladiatorial combat.

Oh and also…


Which makes him a VersaChoops! Get it? Versatile Choops? Eh? Eh?


Ba dum tsh! :stuck_out_tongue:


Versa, Soopa and of course ooops Choops :smiley: I’m nearly always all 3 in every game! (not quite as much of the soopa as I’d like though!)


I kept saying to the screen, ‘No! Do this other thing! Are you serious?’

Laughing the whole time! thanks choops


hahah yes i really do have lots to learn playing as the monster! but i guess thats what matchmaking us all about, hopefully playing against people (or noobs!) of equal skill :smile:

its out tomorrow!!!


15 more hours for me…


Ahhhhhhh its here finally! I’m back to punching people in the face!!