3rd person view


Hello people of Turtle rock!
After playing the game for a little while I have to say that it is fun and great, especially when you are playing as the monsters!
The not so fun part is when I played on the hunters and when the game becomes fps. I just could not play it anymore. I got headache and migraine. Now I know why i get this, I get headaches from all the fps games and I know that change of view will help me battle against this. If I play games in 3rd person view I do not get motion sickness and I can play these shooters, that is why I have been able to play games such as Borderlands 1&2, Crysis (its janky but it works) and Skyrim and Fallout 3/NewVegas. All these games offer 3rd person option in some form, be it by mods or just by having the option to change the view.
That is why I am asking that is there a possibility for 3rd person view in this game while playing as hunters? I know I am in the small group of people who get headaches or even migraine while playing fps games but there is cure for this by giving the option to change the view :smile:
Thank you for your time and reading this.


There’s no 3rd person for the hunters because of balance and fairness issues. After all, it would be hard for the monster to sneak up on a hunter if the hunter can see all the way around them. I understand your problem, but I don’t think there’s an easy solution. Perhaps there will be a FOV slider in configurations. I’ve heard that helps some people who have issues with first person view.


See I am the other way around, third person view in a shooter can mess with my head. Not always, but if I am trying to focus on where my character is, what I am trying to shoot, and if there is anything blocking my characters shot at the target that I cant see from my position , I can get headaches.


I want to be in 4th person view where I can control time :smiley:


there you go, an fps where time is at your fingertips :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoyed that game. Excited to play some more of it.


Tbh would be nice to have third person view with the hunters,but only in the bot mode,not when in multiplayer , it would unfair to the monster indeed,and bots dont care XD.
I did read alot that there will be a bot mode,so in that mode the special feature 3rd person view as a hunter would be nice.