3rd person view for hunters


I’ve been playing Evolve for about 2 days now , and I can see myself getting bored of this game already.
I find game perspective environment too broad for just one view option. It would be cool if the game had multi view options, 3rd person view for hunters, and 1st person view for monsters. This would spice the game play up and maybe boost sales on player skins. Just adding maybe simple options like view options, would keep casual/hardcore gamers to invest more of their time playing this game and even spending a little money on skins they at least see while playing.

Please any one from Turtle Rock give me hit to let me know why there are limitations on players choice.


3rd person would give the hunters a major advantage in spotting the monster though.

The limited field of view is definitely part of the design.


It’s balanced around those perspectives. Giving 3rd person to Hunters gives them too much awareness and makes them stronger. Giving first person to monster limits his information. For instance, if you got harpoon from behind, you wouldn’t be able to tell from first person. It’s about balance. They playtested both and this is what they consider the most balanced for their intended roles.


In addition to what the other guys said, hunter skins are not for the entire hunter, just their gear. So you’re totally seeing your skins when you play.


Ha! “limited” :wink:

do you mean the 60°, that feels like wearing Horse-blinders?

You can change the FoV, mouse acceleration and other stuff via the autoexec


I dropped into a game one time as Hank. There was an AI Hank that I was supposed to replace, but it stayed in game. It was 5v1 and we had double shields. It was an EZ win.


On console we could do with FOV changes almost all the screen is took up by your gun lol.
I think third person is a major advantage to hunters and that’s why it was designed not to be a view in game (apart from spectator), as mentioned by someone in the thread.


FoV is NOT the same as screen space. If you believe the weapons are too large that is NOT the same thing as FoV :stuck_out_tongue: It gets confusing when people misconstrue that :stuck_out_tongue:


I know but i am just saying that having better fov would help us.
Being restricted to small area screen is quite annoying, then on top of that the guns are big, not much other angles going on :smile:


While I disagree that the guns take up too much real estate, I can understand where that comes from. However, changing FoV just to make ‘weapons smaller’ seems silly.


That is not what i said.


Lies! If it had 3rd person I’d stare all the time on Val’s butt.


Your original quote was this. You wanted to change FoV because of ‘large guns’ taking up small space. In which I explained that isn’t a FoV issue, but then you mentioned again,

That you are again being ‘restricted’ to small screen area and that having better ‘fov’ would help us.


Thus the other reason is revealed.


it should say then on top of that the guns are big.

I mean to say in a nutshell that even though my screen are 16:9 i feel im playing on 4:3 and don’t have much view.
So my visual field is quite limited and i can’t change it! I have epilepsy and believe it or not the restricted degrees is not nice, i like to have preference. The monster is more than the hunter… so that isn’t “to bad”.
Coupled with the fact the guns look big it restricts even more imo.


I’m sorry that you feel your view is too limited. A few have also mentioned it being too small, but many are just fine with it. TRS have worked towards their screen area and FoV for a while to achieve what they feel is both balanced and ‘fun’ to play. I’m sorry if you feel the need to change it in order to enjoy it more.


I enjoy it but i swear on pc beta i could change it, does anyone know if that was right? or was i playing another game, i forget.

@ thread - i’d deffo say no to 3rd person.


3rd person for hunters please , i played enough to know that it will not affect anything , the saying that third person will increase the awareness, bullshit.


Actually @MacMan verified it in an earlier post. Like 2 days ago I saw a post of him saying that the re going to introduce aa kind of spectator mode alongside behemoth and t4 hunters.
I m pretty sure that said this but can’t find the post. It s just like 1-2 days old or something. Could be wrong but I think that was exactly what he was talking about

Edit: Never mind Found it

Link: Personally, I think TRS delivered

He is calling it the “Observer Mode”


No, it will add a lot more for the hunters if third person was added. What would be the point of false trails if hunters could just look around the corner using third person and see you? The hunters would be able to analyze a lot more of their surroundings, which would most likely get the monster caught a lot more.